Positive Impact - Looking Back on my Junior Year at IU

What a Year!  I cannot believe that my Junior year at Indiana University is ending.  It went by too fast!  Looking back on this year there are a number of VERY memorable things that happened.

  1. I got a job, kept a job, and got promoted
  2. I started my block courses for the School of Education
  3. I got to have one last class with my favorite chemistry professor—who now knows me by name.

But before we go into my thoughts on this year, I think this video speaks volumes about Indiana University.

Now back to my Junior year.  Since I decided that I would be living in an apartment without a meal plan, it was pertinent that I find a job, and at the end of my sophomore year, I did!  I started working for RPS first semester and met some great friends through working there.  Work has taught me a lot about time management and about one of the most important things in college—making friends at work.  If I had not made work friends, work would have become some unbearable monster that I never enjoyed, and while it is true that it is still a burden, I am so glad that I have friends with common experiences to help me out!  The managers at work also promoted me to a student supervisor recently and the friendships at work—with students and full timers—have grown much stronger.  My network of acquaintances and friends has never been larger and more diverse, and I thank IU for that truly. 

Starting my more intense education at the school of education with my block courses has taught me a lot about the future I am pursuing, and again I have met so many great people along the way.  Being more involved in the school of education introduced me to great opportunities of which I am so glad I took advantage.  Two experiences stand out:  starting observing a local Chemistry teacher in a high school, and speaking to admitted school of education students about what college is like.  My teaching observation was one of the most beneficial experiences thus far in my education.  It showed me the realities of teaching in a high school classroom and allowed me to interact with the students and help them learn different concepts.  The relationship I gained with this teacher was strong enough for her to want me back as a student teacher—and unbelievably, I just got the information that I will be student teaching with that same teacher next spring!  Speaking to incoming students at a conference/dinner in Indianapolis was such an amazing experience.  I now have a strong relationship with a School of Education Recruitment executive, as well as relationships with many incoming freshman students and their parents.  Through this experience, I truly realized how much I had gained through going to school at IU School of Education.

I think that the most important lessons that I have learned through my attendance at IU these past three years have been personal life lessons.  First, I learned that spending time alone is not something that is “uncool,” and it is, in fact, an important way to grow!  Learning to love spending time by yourself is something that will come with time, and is not necessarily anything that a class at IU can teach you, but it is VERY important.  I have also grown in the sense that my classes have taught me the value of working hard and asking for help, but my classmates who I have met through these classes have taught me the value of having a good time.  It is just as important to have college student fun, as it is to get a college degree.  The party atmosphere at Indiana University is infamous, but done right it can provide a wonderful addition to your experience as a college student.  Let yourself be spontaneous (still careful, though!) and you will be surprised at the wonderful outcome it may have. 

Enjoy your time here; it will go by too fast!

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About The Author
Claire HanrahanChemistry Education Major, Spanish minor, Counseling minor, NRHH member, NSLS member

I'm a chemistry-loving, talkative, future educator who has been very involved on IU's campus!  I am currently a School of Education Direct Admit Mentor and a Welcome Week Chairperson for Forest Quad, and I am involved in National Residence Hall Honorary and the National Society of Leadership and Success.  I have previously been a member of the RHA Programming Board and Forest Student Government for which I have acted as an RHA delegate and VP of Programming.  Feel free to comment and ask any questions!  Happy Reading