Journey to a Job: IU Edition

I'm not talking about a career here, I'm talking your average minimum wage, part-time, mostly students, 20 hour JOB.  I'm a junior this year, and it took me this long to get a job...what I didn't know when I started looking was where and when to look.  You would think it would be simple to get a job near campus.  I mean, I had a car so I could drive to my job, and it was parked relatively close so I wouldn't have to bus it all the way to the stadium to get to it.  I had some experience working as a secretarial assistant so I thought "hey, at least I have SOME experience, I should be able to find a job here." oh how wrong I was.  

I managed to look at the wrong places at the wrong time AND my expectations were too high.  I had many limitations like, "I really do not want to work food service if I can avoid it," or, "I would rather not think about dealing with unruly guests/customers." If you really need some money, and just want some job experience while attending classes, throw those predispositions away.  Whatever list you have created mentally or on paper just lose it.  Yes, I agree, if you could find a paying job in something close to what you want in a career it would be absolutely perfect!  If that is what you are looking for, I wish you well; seriously, very good luck to you.  If you are like me and really just wanted to make some money, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • RPS--I am currently working at Read Hoosier Cafe while we patiently wait for The Restaurants at Woodland to open. Food  service, I know.  Breaking your personal boundaries isn't always a bad thing.  RPS has so many jobs and so does all of campus!  Check with IDS to see if they need people to deliver papers.  Side note, dining halls are almost always hiring.  They have a high turnover (don't be discouraged by this, if you go to work on time the likelihood of you being fired is slim), so if they don't have a sign posted, ask someone who is working there and they'll send you the right way!  You also get to wear the most adorable uniform (see right)

To the right you will see how I felt on my first day:  a nervousness that I later found out was almost entirely unwarranted.  

  • Malls--College Mall, or the strip mall off of 37.  College students abound, but if you look at the right time (i.e. beginning of classes/beginning of summer) you are likely to find SOMETHING out there.  
  • Have you considered being an RA?  There is a process to go through and it is a chunk of time, but everyone who is an RA who I have talked to has seriously enjoyed it!  There will be info sessions later on this semester because there is a class you have to take.  
  • Still lost?  Just go walk or drive around!  If you see somewhere you are at all interested in working, apply!  pet stores, sandwich shops, clothing stores, anything!  apply apply apply!  
  • Thinking on campus?  SRSC, Libraries, Union, IU Auditorium.  Many places have sources online, but personally I think it is a great idea to go in and ask about applying.  This way, the potential employer is aware that someone is considering working there!  Please, just make sure you look decent when you go it.  I'm not talking suit and tie, but you might be meeting your future employer, no pajamas, please! 
  • If you want another bloggers ideas, check out this amazing blog!  Finding Jobs while at IU

Good luck, and good hunting, Hoosiers!

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Claire HanrahanChemistry Education Major, Spanish minor, Counseling minor, NRHH member, NSLS member

I'm a chemistry-loving, talkative, future educator who has been very involved on IU's campus!  I am currently a School of Education Direct Admit Mentor and a Welcome Week Chairperson for Forest Quad, and I am involved in National Residence Hall Honorary and the National Society of Leadership and Success.  I have previously been a member of the RHA Programming Board and Forest Student Government for which I have acted as an RHA delegate and VP of Programming.  Feel free to comment and ask any questions!  Happy Reading