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I don’t know about any of you, but lately my workout routine has been a bit lackluster, and considering I caught a cold, the past couple weeks I have felt a little something like this adorably sleepy couch potato puppy...


I’m starting to feel better, and also a lot unhealthier.  It is an oxymoron of feeling.  I’m better health/immune system wise, but my eating and exercising habits have gone down the drain!  THEREFORE, I am going to write a series of posts about how I stay healthy on campus.  Today’s post will be about eating healthy while living on campus with a meal plan!  For more tips, feel free to visit my Pinterest board

PLAN #1 – health on a meal plan

Step one - check out this website!

  • It is a fantastic source for the nutrition info you’re looking for in the dining halls, and it can help you with any dietary needs you may have.

Step two - breakfast

  • If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, EAT BREAKFAST!  Eating a large breakfast will keep you fuller through the day, and if you make your breakfast healthy, you will be more encouraged to stay healthy with all of your meals!
  • I usually go for eggs, a vegetable/fruit, and possibly some oatmeal.  I know it sounds like a lot, but trust me, they get burned up through the day with all of the walking and studying!  Check out the dining hall breakfast stops!  They almost all have these options

Step three - lunch

  • Lunch…probably the first meal where you might think, “oh I’ll just grab a sandwich and go” but are you thinking about what’s going on your sandwich?  If you filled up on protein in the morning, you may not need meat on your sandwich, and just need a small protein boost that you could get from a veggie sandwich, maybe with some hummus?
  • Don’t think you have to not feel full in order to feel healthy, that is the opposite of true!  Just make sure you don’t overdo it.  I usually eat until I feel about 80-85% full, making sure I drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • My favorite lunch is a salad, and I actually get full!  Add some hard boiled egg, nuts, and fruit, and you will not need any sides!

Step four - dinner

  • Dinner on campus can be a tough decision, with all of the absolutely delicious and terrible for you options, but be strong!  Think of all the healthy choices you made all day, and keep it up!  Your body will thank you.
  • I work at The Restaurants at Woodland, and can vouch for the freshness and healthiness of the food there.  As far as all of the other dining halls, here are some general tips for eating healthy for dinner.

Vegetables should make up half of your meal, salad or otherwise.  Get a variety!

Meats should be grilled or baked NOT fried

 Choose olive oil over vegetable oil and butter

 Sweet potatoes are WONDERFUL…I always choose sweet potatoes over regular potatoes

Go easy on the pasta, bread, and other complex carbs.
If you must, go with whole wheat/whole grain EVERY TIME, and do not forget about rice!
I love long grain wild rice.  SO much flavor! I know that at the ‘Eat Right’ section at
Wright food court has whole-wheat pasta and brown rice when they have pasta! 

For dessert, try some fruit with yogurt or
(if you are lactose intolerant like me) just some fruit.
Maybe grab a smoothie if you are longing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

That's all for now!  For more information about meal plans and IU dining halls, check out these blogs!  

Next blog will be about exercising on campus!  Be looking for it in the next couple weeks!

Until next blog,


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