QUALS for Little 500

This past Saturday was one of the most important spring days on IU's campus: Little 500 Qualification runs. My friends and I woke up at 7:30 am to begin the festivities. We described it as Christmas morning, only better. We threw on our goofiest outfits, which included neon leggings, bedazzled sunglasses, a nerdy backpack, sparkly head bands and tank tops, and headed to the track. I lost my voice cheering on my sorority's bike team, naturally. I'm also pretty sure that I pulled a muscle while attempting to do a leg lift as I was cheering on our team's section at the track.

As if the festivities and excitement of campus weren't enough, my bike team gave me a heck of a suspenseful day. They scratched their first 2 attempts, which means they fell or didn't exchange the bike before the designated line on the track. Our qual time was originally set for 11 am, but after we didn't make it on our first 2 tries, we had to return to the track at 5 pm. So in between these times, I was able to go to Gresh to nom on some breakfast buddies (and potato oles, yummm) and hangout, take a nap, and order more food.

We came back to the track at 5 pm. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right, not too hot and not too cold. It was a heart warming sight to see all my sorority sisters and friends return to the track after such an event-filled day, just to support our bike team again. This was our last attempt to qual, so if we didn't make it on this try, we weren't going to be riding in the Little 500 race. Our first rider started her warm up lap, and boy, was I anxious. She blew through on the flying start, and all of our exchanges went flawlessly. A little slower, no doubt, but we didn't make a single mistake. When our last rider came through on her flying finish, we were all so excited. I cheered the rest of the way home after the race, and probably pulled another muscle.

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