Super Study Spaces at IU: Top 5 Fave Spots

As we drift (or for some of you, speed VERY quickly) into finals season, finding a study space is critical. Sure, you could study in your dorm room, but how distracting is that? With electronics, TV access, food, and your bed, let's be honest: it will be pointless for you to study there for very long. Get out and explore campus to find the perfect study spot that will provide the right environment for you.

5. Dorm Computer Labs / Study Rooms

I live in Forest, and for me, the Treehouse is a great place to go if I want a quiet environment to study in that isn't far from my dorm room. This is also a great option for students who can't study in their dorms but who need to study late into the night. Other dorm areas have set up study spaces that are convenient and usually available if you go while most people are in class.

4. Indiana Memorial Union

If you prefer an environment with some noise, the Union is a fantastic study spot. Find a table by Starbucks or take advantage of the study spaces down the hall (they totally look like rooms from Hogwarts). Be warned though, it may be very difficult to find a table if you choose to study there around 5:00pm, and it doesn't suit those who need complete silence to study.

3. Ernie Pyle Library

For journalism majors like me, or for those in dire need of a new study space, Ernie Pyle Hall has a great library on the first floor that has computers and desks that have the convenience of Wells library without so many people. The space is small, so be sure to snag a spot before others do, or you may need to find another option.

2. SPEA Undergraduate Student Lounge

Maybe I'm biased about this spot, considering I'm sitting in it as I type this blog, but the SPEA lounge has incredibly comfy chairs and is a nice change of space for those who are tired of studying at Wells Library or in Kelley. With minimal noise, this lounge is great for those like myself who need silence to study well -- just make sure you charge all your appliances before you go; there are few outlets available.

1. Wells Library

You can't beat Wells Library. It has everything students need to succeed: if you like a noisy environment, grab a chair in the lobby or study down in the Cyber Cafe. If you want TOTAL silence, head up to the 4th and 5th floors of the West Tower for rows and rows of desks and even private study rooms. The library even has fantastic research resources if you are on a time crunch for a paper. 

Photo from Indiana Alumni Magazine

Study in any of these spaces and you will be well on your way to academic success!

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