See a Broadway Show Without Paying a Dime

That's right, you read that correctly -- you can see a Broadway show without paying the ticket prices many students would pay big bucks for to see. Like most college students, I'm on a budget and really wanted to see a show at the IU Theater and last week, the IU Theater finished its production of the hit musical Chicago to a completely sold out house. Instead of waiting for hours in a standby line to pay higher ticket prices, I decided to volunteer as an usher.

Ushering is a fantastic way to see great shows for free and to catch a glimpse of life behind the scenes of a professional theater. From taking tickets and handing out programs to running coat check and helping patrons find their seats, ushering requires no prior experience and anyone can participate! Right before the show begins, the volunteers are allowed to go into the theater and watch the show! After helping audience members throughout intermission, volunteers see the final act before ushering patrons out of the theater and helping clean up after the show -- easy work to see fantastic shows without paying!

If Broadway shows aren't your thing, the same opportunities are available for IU Cinema films and the IU Auditorium, meaning you can experience high-quality shows for free!

For more information about volunteer opportunities in a variety of programs as well ways to experience the arts on campus, be sure to check out:

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