IU Beginnings: Why You Should Do It!

As a prospective Freshman, or perhaps an overly curious high school student, you've probably heard about the First Year Experience and the IU Beginnings and wondered what EXACTLY that entails. IU Beginnings is a program designed to help develop connections with current freshman through trips and various activities. 

From hiking and canoeing to exploring the streets of Chicago, IU Beginnings trips help foster friendships with people who share similar passions with you. These trips occur the week before you move in, so no worries about missing class! (If you are an ambitious student like myself.)

For my IU Beginnings trip, I chose the "IUB Cultured" trip, opting to explore Chicago through various forms of art, such as music, theater, architecture, and even cooking! My classmates and I met with notable IU alumni working with the arts in Chicago, as well as attending various performances, including an outdoor performance put on by the  Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a performance of the smash-hit musical "The Book of Mormon!" Along the way, I made friends with amazing students who also shared an interest in the arts. 

Looking back on my trip, I realize just how influential these new friends have been on my life. Thanks to them, I have been discovering new interests I had previously never considered. We all still stay in touch and we are active in many of the same activities together, despite our varied backgrounds. For me, the IU Beginnings trip made me more excited and comfortable with the idea of college life and making friends and it was an experience I won't forget. 

Enjoying "American Gothic" in Chicago with IU Beginnings!

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