Don't Sweat It: Secrets to Making it to Class On-Time

Running from class to class sucks. Trust me, it took a lot of planning for me to figure out how to make it from Ballentine to Briscoe Quad in fifteen minutes. But I did it, and it really isn't so bad once you figure out these easy ways to make it to your class on time and not panting like a marathon runner.

1. Make a Playlist

Most students listen to music while walking arcoss campus, so why not let the music help you make it to class? Set up a playlist that is about as long as the time between your classes. Each time you walk from one class to another, use the playlist to help you keep track of your time and help you stay on track to make it to class on time. Don't mess with checking your phone every 6 seconds. Let Rhianna or Justin Timberlake keep you on time.

2. Biking

If you're the athletic type (or you're trying to become "athletic") biking may be the best option for you. Novice bikers: take the hills into consideration. These hills are a lot more challenging to bike than you may think. For those of you choosing this method, just remember to bring a bike lock. I know, I know, it seems obvious but I know plenty of people who have had their bikes stolen because they forgot their locks.

3. Bring a Friend -- Carpooling

For those of you lucky enough to have a friend or roommate with a car -- you may be in luck. Plan on riding together if you both have classes in the same area; you get a fast ride and its better for the environment if you share the ride! 

4. Think Through It, Not Around It

More often than not, it you can shave time off your route by cutting through buildings instead of walking all the way around them. On a free day, make a plan to follow your route and get familiar with finding your way through the buildings. This is also a great idea when its cold outside. You can also save time by following sidewalks and cutting through grassy areas instead of following the road. Make sure you study the IU Campus Map to find your fastest route.

5. Make Peace with Public Transit

I know the bus system can be a fickle beast, but if it can work in your favor, the bus may become your best friend. The IU Mobile app has a GPS service that can help you locate exactly which bus you want. Be warned, things happen and the bus may be late. If you literally only have fifteen minutes, then this option is DEFINITELY not for you.

By figuring out the best ways to maximize my time while walking from one class to another, I was able to take 18 credit hours this semester and keep both the classes I needed without having to completely reorganize my schedule. It IS possible to navigate this campus, so don't be overwhelmed by the size!

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