How to Get Involved on IU Day

April 19th marks the second annual IU Day; 24 hours full of social media sharing, donating, and more! How can you take part in this cause for celebration? There will be plenty of activities to get involved in on campus, but the party continues online with several IU-related videos to watch and social media posts to share.

Hunt for prizes!

From 11am to 4pm, a huge, campus-wide scavenger hunt will be hosted at IUB. Starting at Woodburn Hall, participants will have the chance to visit 10 campus locations and collect prizes along the way. Complete the entire hunt and you will be entered to win a $250 gift card to the IU Bookstore.

Share on social media with #IUday

There will also be a variety of geofilters across campus that can be used to promote IU Day on all your social media platforms. Make sure to open Snapchat and share the day’s events often so everyone can get excited about IU!

AND photo contests will be held for a chance to win $2,000 going towards your IU cause of choice. Share a throwback photo of you in IU gear, or send in a photo of your little sibling or pet wearing cream and crimson for a chance to win!

Video specials

IU Foundation, Vimeo

Awesome videos about all things IU will be posted throughout the day on IUDay’s website. Watch them, share your favorites, and tell your friends to do the same! Some highlight videos from IU Day 2016 include “Behind the Scenes of Cook Hall and Assembly Hall” and “IU’s Cake Boss”.

Future Students can participate, too!

You do not have to be on campus to celebrate! First, check out and watch the video to get a glimpse of what IU means to some of its current students. Then, post a photo of what IU means to you with the tags #IU2Me and #IUday. April 19th is the perfect day to show everyone how ecstatic you are to call yourself a Hoosier!

Give back

IU Day is put on by the IU Foundation so that incoming and current students, alumni, and all Hoosiers around the world have a chance to celebrate and give back to this amazing university. Much of the money raised goes back to the students in form of scholarships. Even liking a post on Facebook or using #IUday on Twitter will contribute money towards the cause, so post and share away!

For more information about this global event, visit .

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