Cookies and Bloomington: An Important Tradition

So I'm going to discuss something that may seem inconsequential to most people, but true IU students know how important it is to daily life. Baked! of Bloomington. Our local cookie delivery service. Not just cookies. Cookies AND milk. At virtually any time of the day or night. As a prospective freshman, one of my first IU experiences was going to Baked! (the old store, it must be said) and ordering cookies with my friend and playing Jenga while we waited for freshly baked globs of heaven to reach our table. It seemed to me to be a quintessential college experience and while it was not a deciding factor in my ultimate decision to go to IU, looking back, it should have been. Just kidding. Kind of.

DeliciousBut really, some of my favorite memories with my friends have been us deciding to stay in and watch Wipeout or Say Yes to the Dress or something equally awesome and ordering cookies. We actually always get the same thing -- sugar dough with Oreos and chocolate chips, with one chocolate milk and one skim milk. It's a comforting routine, and one that I know I'll miss once we graduate. I think it's more about time spent with friends than the cookies (though the cookies definitely enhance the experience).

Now, for those of you not familiar with Baked!, I have to say that their menu is pretty extensive (I just checked the website, and with all the different combinations of dough, mix-ins, and toppings, they apparently have over 20,000 varieties). Recently we've discovered their sludge bars, which is basically just a bunch of surprise ingredients mixed into a delicious cookie bar. All of this may just sound like a drawn-out advertisement for Baked!, but I'm more trying to emphasize the tradition that goes along with it. And it's a local company, which is always a plus. Bloomington does have another cookie delivery place, Insomnia, but I honestly have never ordered from there. Sometimes they have a truck that posts up in front of Greetings on Kirkwood and you can buy individual cookies there, but I'm going to have to recommend Baked! to any people looking for delicious desserts delivered to their door. It's a Bloomington staple and one well worth trying once you're at IU.

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