A brief, but not necessarily concise, introduction

Hi! I'm Christie and I'm currently a senior at Indiana University Bloomington. I have a pretty lengthy degree in the works, with majors in Spanish and Religious Studies and minors in History, Psychology and West European Studies. Yes, I'm going to graduate on time, though I'm honestly not quite sure how. We'll chalk it up to AP classes and placement exams.

Anyway, I'm originally from Houston, Texas, but I've lived in Indianapolis since second grade and thought IU Bloomington would be the next logical step because of its proximity to home and all the great in-state scholarships they offer.

I studied abroad for the academic year last year in Madrid, which was definitely quite a formative experience and I think everyone should take advantage of the pretty extensive list of overseas programs IU has to offer.

As for things I do around campus, I work at Bloomington Bagel Company, I was an assistant director on the Union Board Films committee my sophomore year, and my friends and I have unintentionally made it our personal mission to discover the best food and restaurants that Bloomington has to offer. So you can basically consider this blog to be a combination of restaurant reviews, class suggestions, and European anecdotes for any future Btown-ers out there!

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