Dead (Death) Week

There is one week that is dreaded more than any other during a semester at IU.

It's called Dead Week.

The week before finals is a week the university sets aside as a week where students are free from tests so as to give them a break before finals - supposedly.  I guarantee that you will never find an IU student who says dead week is academically dead.  If anything, they'll probably tell you is that the only thing that dies during dead week is their social life.   I have a 12-page research paper due today, a 2000-word magazine article due tomorrow, and another 15-page research paper due Wednesday.  To be sure, I signed up for those classes and I'm not complaining actually - they've been interesting to write.  But let me offer a few suggestions to help you live through Dead (Death) Week.

1. Plan ahead - if you have a 15-page paper, chances are it was on your syllabus that your professor handed you on the first day of class.  I realize no one is going to write their paper a month in advance but considering Little 5 tends to fall on the weekend before Dead Week, planning three weeks out is a life-saver.  Trust me.

2. Get sleep - pulling an all-nighter does no one any good.  You'll fry your brain and you'll be tired and unable to effectively study (things I learned in Psych 101), you'll also be unpleasant and find it quite difficult to stay positive.

3. Be a friend - we could all use a friend sometimes.  Dead Week this rings especially true.  We're all stressed.  We tend to make everything catastrophic during Dead Week -  this paper will determine my GPA, grad school, and my whole life.  Reach out to people around you and be the voice-of-reason to help remind your friends that they'll be fine; it's only a week and summer starts in two!

4. Breathe - sounds simple enough but I constantly overwhelm myself over stuff that is not that big of a deal.  Remember how blessed you are to have the opportunity to be at a great school and learn as much as possible. 

Dead week can be death if you are irresponsible.  It can be death even if you aren't.  But remember, it's only a week.  Breathe, and just think, you've already made it halfway through Monday =)

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