So you're an IU student (or considering becoming one)?

I have two words for you: JUST BREATHE!

College can be an extremely overwhelming time - stress levels for college students are always high.  And it's possible to be 1000% overwhelmed one day and 1000% loving your life the next.  The emotional pendulum in college tends to oscillate quickly.  So fear not!  Are you stressed?  Do you have a million things to do for class, prepare for that summer internship, even start thinking about a summer internship, etc?  Me too!  And about twice a semester that all comes to a tipping point where I break down and question my major, my GPA, my future, if I'm doing enough, if I spend too much time with friends or not enough, if I can get into law school with my current resume, etc.

And I'll be honest, college culture is always pushing you to DO MORE.  But I have a different suggestion - stop and breathe.  Stop going going going going and spend some time by yourself.   Turn off your phone, your Facebook, Twitter, etc and remember how great life is - without worrying about what everyone else is doing, and thinking you need to keep up!  

There are a million reasons to be stressed in college.  

But there are also a million reasons to love your college-student life!  Let's start with the fact that we are HOOSIERNATION!  (Can anyone say Banner #6?) (On a side note, whether you're into athletics or not, do yourself a favor and GO to at least one basketball game).  There's Kirkwood - quaint shops, the bar scene and plenty of small town life to get you out of the hustle and bustle of college.  There's the actual school - whether you're a nerd like I am or not, let's be real, we have some pretty sweet classes and awesome professors to balance out all the not-so-greats.  (Maybe a future blog will be about how to pick classes).  But anyway, IU is a great place to be!  Bloomington is a great college town.  And while there's plenty of things to let stress you out, remember to BREATHE, and enjoy your surroundings!  

(Just FYI - this is as much a note to myself as it is to anyone reading it =)

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