Ten Things I Learned at IU

If you know me, you won't be surprised by my tendency towards writing lists. I am the Queen of the To-Do List and I think that listing is more manageable and direct for readers. So, here is what IU has taught me.

  1. You have to communicate with your roommates. I found myself getting annoyed about stuff that I did myself. My roommates were more than willing to compromise, but I hypocritically harbored little grudges that were ridiculous. When I finally talked to them, I felt like a total tool. So talk to your roommates and realize that you are most likely annoying to them at times too.
  2. Going out to Roys the night before school or work is NEVER a good idea. Never. Sometimes, it's good to be a square.
  3. Everyone needs to visit Brown County. Best caramel apples, coffee, and bagel sandwiches. It's like visiting Disney World.
  4. Chivalry is generally dead. If you find a polite, well-mannered, thoughtful man then they are worthy of being put on a pedestal. If you are that man, congrats, you're a gem.
  5. I already knew this frankly, but Bloomington has reaffirmed my love of walking time and time again. Walking is so good for you physically and mentally and there is no prettier place to walk than IU's campus.
  6. Get the Big Ten Network on your television. #iubb
  7. Doing the popular IU Spring Break trip to Mexico or wherever is definitely fun, but don't expect to be rested or rejuvenated in any way.
  8. It's always acceptable to complain about finite.
  9. Make friends with people in your classes, especially ones required for your majors. It's always nice to have someone to discuss homework or study for tests with. Also, it allows you to have friends outside of your usual social circles, but with similar interests as you.
  10. IU is really the best school for anyone. From potential Greeks, to Harry Potter enthusiasts, to hipsters, etc. there is a place for you here, but we all share the Hoosier thread. Everyone looks good in cream and crimson.
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