IU Seniors - What are your plans after graduation?

Recently, I took a poll from 35 IU seniors, asking them what their post-May plans were. Here are the results:

  • 11/35 or 31.4% said they would be continuing their education.
  • 10/35 or 28.5%  said they were already employed, so they would be working.
  • 0/35 or 0% said they had an internship.
  • 10/35 28.5%  said they would be looking for employment or an internship.
  • 4/35 or 11.4% said they would not be graduating this May.

All over the boards, relatively speaking. Of course this doesn't determine anyone's future success, but it is interesting to see that IU seniors will end May with different expectations and plans. If you're an IU senior, what are YOUR plans after May?

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