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Although I'm technically an alumnus now, most of my friends are second semester seniors and I've been living at in the same apartment for two years now. The point being that sometimes, I still feel like a student, especially when I'm off work on my free time. Despite being relatively old and quite familiar with downtown Bloomington, I am constantly discovering new nooks and crannies. From cool, offbeat apparel shops around Kirkwood to the various ethnic restaurants on 4th Street, Bloomington never gets dull even when you've been around as long as I have. Recently, I discovered my favorite new "hot spot". It's called Delilah's Pet Shop and it's located at 650 North College Avenue. As an animal lover, or more specifically a dog fanatic, Delilah's rocks because it offers a variety of pet services from grooming and even product delivery. It's also very accessible via the 6 Bus for those of you like me that don't have a car here.

My absolute favorite aspect of Delilah's is the Puppy Room or in my case, Heaven on Earth. There are a number of stalls in which various breeds of adorable puppies are kept and anybody is more than welcome to lift the latch and pick one up like my friend Blaire is doing here with a miniature fox terrier. As a dog lover though, I am well aware of the prevalence of puppy mills in the area where the poor things are made to live in overcrowded crates filled with their own feces. Delilah's takes a firm stance against this and instead, they place a huge emphasis on nutrition and hygiene. Their puppy stalls are kept clean and visitors are required to use hand sanitizer if they want to touch another puppy in order to prevent the spread of germs.

So if you need to purchase something for your pet or you simply love to play with clean, healthy, happy puppies, I highly recommend visiting and supporting Delilah's

Here's a picture I took of a playful Chihuahua and a French Bulldog/Shit Zhu mix.
Here is another sweet little miniature fox terrier I played with yesterday.
With "puppy love",


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