10 Things I'll Miss Most About IU

Here goes!

  1. Student discounts! You can get discounts on everything from massages, food, bus fare, tuition (think scholarships), and more. All you gotta do is flash that ID card and you're golden. I highly doubt there's an equivalent in the adult world.
  2. The city of Bloomington, IN. Outsiders may not believe it, but this Midwestern town is one of the most magical places on the planet. Its stoic buildings, plethora of trees and greenery, and a buzzing, energetic student atmosphere makes it one of a kind.
  3. IUBB. I admit to being an extremely fair weather fan in my earlier years as an undergrad, but I firmly believe it's never too late to become interested and even fanatic about our basketball program, especially now with the success they've had and will continue to have. No matter where I end up, you better believe I'll be watching the games next season.
  4. Certain aforementioned hot spots including Delilah's Pet Shop, Anatolia, and Vibe Yoga Studio. Each of these places are special in and of themselves, but even more so because they involve routines with some of my best friends.
  5. The bars, obviously. Though I intend to settle in Chicago, which has a wonderful night life, there will never be anything like the bar scene in Bloomington, with their never ending drink specials, t-shirts, and good times.
  6. Little 500. Even though it ended just a day ago for most, I'm already missing it (never thought I'd say that). Little 5 this year was by far the most fun and though I know I'll likely come back for it next year if work allows, it will never be as sentimental and sweet as it was in 2012.
  7. Living walking distance from my friends. Let's face it, we're all splitting up. Even though many of my friends will be in Indy or Chicago, there will never be the same level of physical closeness again. Think about how easy it is to walk down the street to you friends' pregame? That level of convenience is something I've taken for granted and will be yearning for when I'm spending $60 on cab fare to get to a friend's apartment downtown.
  8. The leniency of personal days. Sorry, but if you're taking a lot of "personal days" as a working adult, then you're not making money and your colleagues are probably judging you. As far as I'm concerned, college is the last time you can really get away with taking frequent days off (unless you're actually ill).
  9. Academics. I will genuinely miss learning. Obviously not homework or tests, but I will sincerely miss focusing solely on gaining knowledge. I doubt I'm alone here.
  10. Being dependent. Though I'm certainly ready to be an adult, it's a begrudging feeling to know that you have to hold yourself accountable for everything eventually. But such is life!


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