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My name is Casey Stover. I'm really not that unusual in my own mind but I wanted to start off my profile with a little bit about me. :)

First and foremost I am a FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENT. If you are reading this and that's you, never fear! I was absolutely clueless to anything and everything about college but I have it all figured out! There are sooo many resources available to you! Here is a link to my video on YouTube I made last year about being a first gen student:

I chose IUB because...

  1. It was close enough to my hometown of Seymour, IN. but far enough away that I could really make my own path.
  2. The campus is absolutely beautiful! It makes me insanely happy to see the chipmunks running around campus--not to mention the unusually social squirrels!
  3. I got a wonderful scholarship that made it possible for me to attend college! I am a Cox Legacy Scholar. Based off of my continuous hard work, volunteering, and a commitment to my education the Cox Legacy Scholarship pays for 75% of my total cost of attendance for my undergraduate education!!

What I Do...

I am a sophomore with an established major of Human Development and Family Studies, working on minors in Psychology and Youth Development. I am currently aspiring to be an Occupational Therapist who works with kids having developmental delays and disabilities. :)

I am the President of Occupational Therapy Club here, hosting informational meetings and connecting other students to resources! I work at a local school specializing in dyslexia and other learning differences-- I help out in the classrooms and supervise after-school care.

Any questions/comments/concerns? Get at me!! I am more than willing to answer any questions as best as I can when it comes to IU. I know very much what it is like to be anxious and confused! My email is

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IUB '17 Cox Legacy Scholar