The Summer Before Senior Year

Hello my wonderful Hoosiers!

As the bright sunshine and rising temperatures greet us, it is pretty safe to say that we have officially entered summer! For me, this time will consist of family, catching up with old friends, rangling some awesome kiddos at the daycare I work at, and diving into the world of Sociology.  Not a whole lot out of the norm.  However, this year something new has crept into my life: a weird combination of excitement and terror. 

The reality of graduation has hit.  After one more semester of class and a few months of student teaching, this gal will throw her cap in the air and walk out of those Sample Gates as an IU alumni.  Now dear reader, since we're friends, I am going to be 100% completely honest with you.  When proposed with the question "Are you ready for senior year," I will plaster a smile on my face and say, "Absolutely! Can't wait!"  The truth? I am not. No where even close.

The day I moved into Wright Quad freshman year, my dad gave me a hug and said, "IU is going to the best four years of your life! Make the most of it because it'll be over before you know it." And you know what? He was right.  Every building, landmark, and bumpy brick sidewalk on campus holds a memory for me. 

There are the expected ones:

The first time I stepped foot on Assembly Hall's sacred floor.

Seeing "The Banners" and feeling so proud to be a Hoosier.

First Little 500!

And, of course, my very first picture as an IU student after Freshman Orientation

and hearing this song!

However, it's the unforgettable, unexpected moments that are flooding back to me this summer:

Meeting Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford in the electronics section at Walmart

That glorious moment when my freshman year roommate and I reunited at a Halloween dance

Living with this gal! It was a crazy and chaotic time for both of us in regards to school and our futures, but we made it through.  Wouldn't trade her for anything!

Getting snowed in multiple times with these goofs during Snowmagedon 2014

Early morning trips for breakfast and Pourhouse coffee

Becoming models for some random photography student when this guy and I hung out at Baked! in Bloomington. Still makes me laugh!

With this amazing campus and even more amazing people, can you blame me for not being ready to leave Btown? The real world is coming fast, and as prepared as I am for my career, I wish time could just slow down for a second.  Resumes and job interviews can wait for a semester.  Why? Fall 2014 is my last semester at IU; there's no more classes that need taken, nor field experiences partaken.  As sad as it sounds, my friends and I could very well not see each other for a very long time after Christmas break. 

Therefore, we need to live it up! Stay up late.  Do absolutely nothing when everything is due.  Order the large order of cookies at 2 A.M. just because we can.  Go to the puppy store in the mall to cheer us up after we blow our entire weeks savings at Target.  To put it simply, Fall 2014 is a time for fun! Yes I am nervous about the future, but I would much rather have a smile on my face and laughs with my friends while walking into it!

Much love,

Caroline :)

About The Author
Caroline ReisElementary Education, Class of 2015, Charlestown, IN

Hello everyone!

I am a senior majoring in Elementary Education at Indiana University with a concentration in Reading.  Teaching has long been a passion of mine and I cannot wait to get into a classroom! To prepare for this, I currently work as an Undergraduate Lab Assistant in the School of Education.

I am involved with many other activities on campus as well! These activities and the links to their website are listed below.  Look for some posts about them in the future. 

Other interests:

  • Checking out the local cuisine in Bloomington.
  • Starbucks enthusiast 
  • Music and Theatre!
  • Cheering on our beloved Hoosiers to another victory!