Surviving Your First Day of Class Like a Pro!

Hello fellow Hoosiers!

A little over a week and a half until we all get back to B-town.  Can you believe it? The first week of class is personally one of my favorite times of the semester.  Call it my inner teacher coming out, but I honestly love the hustle and bustle of this week.  Fun professors, meeting new people, and beautiful walks on campus are just a few happenings that will await you!  Your first college course can prove a tad bit daunting, but you will rock those first hours of class with confidence and a smile, promise. 

So here we are: MONDAY MORNING! You've hit the alarm (maybe more than once), brushed those teeth, and now face a closet full of clothes.  What to wear? Grab an outfit that you feel CONFIDENT in! That way you can walk into to class feeling like you can take on the world, sort of like this Batman:

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear sweats on the first day of class! While comfortable, these do not tell your teachers and peers that you are serious about your work.  Save those comfy sweatshirts for after this first week.

Now that you're dressed to impress, it's time to hit the streets (umm errr sidewalks)! You'll be so excited that you might even feel like doing a little jig.

Speaking of this adventure to class, we should take a moment to explain the #1 rule of the sidewalk/stairs/doors.  Just like when driving a car, you need to stay to the right of where ever you walk.  This keeps the flow of traffic moving smoothly, and avoids any accidental "run-ins" with another person.  I totally did not know about this and walked in the middle of the sidewalks for a good two weeks my freshman year.  People definitely gave me some angry glares. Save yourself and remember: Stay to the right, just like driving a car!

You may even have time for a coffee run! Try Hoosier Cafe at Read or Starbucks in the Union.  You might see me grabbing a machiatto during my morning routine; feel free to come say hi!

Starbucks graphics

Here's to a wonderful first week of class! You will do great :)

Best wishes,


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