"PCB? So not me!" Spring Break Alternatives

Hello my lovely Hoosiers!

It's that time of year again folks. We have had enough of snow up to our ears and dressing like this: 

Let us not forget about how all hopes and dreams of canceled class got ruined each morning with "Campus is still open" emails. 

However, there is a bright light at the end of this frigid, icy tunnel my friends.  SPRING BREAK is a month away!!! For lots of people, this fantastic week means sun and sand in Panama City Beach (PCB).  What if you are not a PCB type though? What if you still want to have fun, but not in the hard core party atmosphere in Florida? What if your bank account has seen better days and a big trip cannot happen?

Fear not IU! As a girl who answered yes to all of the previous questions, I have got some ideas for having a fun spring break even if your toes never touch the ocean. 

1. Road trip to somewhere close!

Grab some good friends, and take a short trip to a nearby city.  Bloomington is close to places such as Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.  Make it a day trip or a few days more.  Regardless, this adventure is less about the destination and more about spending time with friends!

2. Home is where the heart is. 

My friends and I realized that we have never gone back home with each other.  As a result, we are now taking our IU family home to our real family! This type of spring break has many positives: no hotel cost, home cooked meals, and less trips to a gas station.  Plus, your friends know local attractions like the back of his/her hand, so you will have a great time!

Honestly, planning this trip has proven way more fun than our original Gatlinburg, TN venture.  We are excited to show each other our hometowns, and take them to places we normally do not go to as locals.  My humble abode is located about 20 minutes from Louisville, KY, so we are going to Churchill Downs! I have not stepped foot over there in ages, so I am quite thrilled!

3. Staying in B-town?

Make a list of everything you have not done in Bloomington yet.  Gone hiking at Griffy Lake? Tried a restaurant on 4th Street? Bonfire at Lake Monroe? Grab a camera and take pictures at all the places you all go.  There is a lot more happening in B-town than school; go explore!

4. Have some you time!

Going home for spring break? Take this opportunity to have some you time.  As college students, we do not get this a lot.  Spend time with family. Eat an entire batch of cookies.  Watch every season of every show you have ever wanted on Netflix.  SLEEP.

Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure to relax and prepare for that last month of school. Little 500 is right around the corner after all!

Much love,


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