I'm a Teacher!

Hello fellow Hoosiers!

My apologies for the lack of blogs during the past months. Junior year is a very fun, but also very busy time.  Academic and career goals are starting to become a reality, and all of a sudden you find yourself making decisions that are going to have a huge effect on your post grad life.  For me, student teaching applications, summer housing and employment, and preparing resumes / interview responses / scholarship essays filled every day. 

Now please understand that this is a very exciting time as hectic as it is! My dreams are taking shape.  I reached a point where I came to fully identify as a teacher.  This is a very big deal for those in the School of Education.  It affirms that you have made the correct career decision and shows a promise to careers in teaching. 

So what does this monumental moment look like? Take a look below to find out!

1. Clothing Choices Change

While cute sweats still have a place in your closet, you start planning outfits looking less like this...

and more like this.

2. Children's books suddenly become more interesting than daily news reports!

Some see picture books as childish. Teachers see these as learning opportunities! The following questions start popping into your head when you truly become an educator:

  • How can I use this to teach reading strategies?
  • What writing assignments and skills does said book foster?
  • Is said book developmentally and academically appropriate for my students?
  • How creative can I get with this lesson in order to make curriculum engaging?

3. Lesson plan creating becomes a staple in your course work

You can pretty much guarantee at least two lesson plans a week minimum for homework.  However, you become a pro at whipping out quality units within an hour or two! Then you do a little victory dance that looks something like this:

4. Standardized testing becomes Public Enemy #1

Don't even try arguing with an educator about these...just don't.

So here's to changing wardrobes, buying children's books by the dozens, victory dances, and hating a little thing called ISTEP!

Teaching and proud,

Caroline :)

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About The Author
Caroline ReisElementary Education, Class of 2015, Charlestown, IN

Hello everyone!

I am a senior majoring in Elementary Education at Indiana University with a concentration in Reading.  Teaching has long been a passion of mine and I cannot wait to get into a classroom! To prepare for this, I currently work as an Undergraduate Lab Assistant in the School of Education.

I am involved with many other activities on campus as well! These activities and the links to their website are listed below.  Look for some posts about them in the future. 

Other interests:

  • Checking out the local cuisine in Bloomington.
  • Starbucks enthusiast 
  • Music and Theatre!
  • Cheering on our beloved Hoosiers to another victory!