Study Spots

I love Friday afternoons on campus, because a lot of classrooms are empty. Friday afternoon has the fewest amount of class meetings, so it's easy to just slip into a classroom and get some work done.

I like to do homework on Friday afternoons so that I have my weekend free to do whatever I'd like. One of my favorite places to study on Fridays is this room in Woodburn Hall. I have a class in here Monday/Wednesday/Friday in the morning, but the setting sun comes in very nicely through the windows in the afternoon.

There are a lot of cool places to study on campus. During the winter I usually study in the Indiana Memorial Union, which has a lot of small or individual areas to set up a study space, plus a couch area near the hotel and a lounge near the Starbucks that has old furniture and a fireplace. I've also been known to camp out in the student lounge on the ground floor of Ballantine Hall and in the dead-end hallways in Sycamore Hall.

The buildings on campus are beautiful and I love exploring them to find new places to sit and read or study or chat with friends.

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