An Introduction to Me: Carly Jane Casper

If you've come to my blog wondering more about me, this is the post you're looking for. Congrats on finding it!!!

My name is Carly Jane Casper, and you can call me Carly Jane Casper. I was raised in the Chicago suburbs and have lived in Bloomington since 2009. I currently live alone in an off-campus apartment near downtown Bloomington. This is my third year at IU, but my second full-time semester. I began in Fall 2009, took a year off, slacked off a bit, got a job, and now I'm a third-year sophomore finally on track for graduation. I'm currently studying Creative Writing with a planned double major in Physics and minors in Linguistics and Norwegian.

All of that is a complicated mess; my major has changed about 10 times. But hey! I'm happy with what I'm studying now. My future plans include teaching high school, becoming a famous novelist, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, world domination, and uploading my consciousness into the cloud. I'm well on my way to accomplishing half of those.

Besides my classes, I'm involved with several student organizations on campus. I'm the president of the Secular Alliance at IU (a community of atheists, agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, secularists and non-religious folks on campus), I'm involved with the American Cetacean Society Student Coallition (an activism group aimed at protecting ocean-dwelling cetaceans, i.e., whales and dolphins and the like), I'm occasionally involved with the Physics Club (exactly what it sounds like) and the Astronomy Club (also exactly what it sounds like), and I've been known to also hang out with the IU Swing Club (awesome) and the Religious Education and Exploration Club (an interfaith education group).

I'm currently in 15 credit hours. I'm taking classes in Computer Science, Norwegian language, Calculus and Fiction Writing.

Classes and student groups keep me pretty busy, but I still find the opportunity to have "interests" and "hobbies" and "a social life" and also, occasionally, even "a full night's sleep".

In my free time I'm watching television (DOCTOR WHO!!!, also Parks & Recreation), practicing violin (with a tutor I found in the IU Classifieds!), reading books (sci-fi, Vonnegut, fantasy, philosophy, history—go ahead, call me a nerd), running on one of the Bloomington trails, lifting weights or swimming at the SRSC, watching movies with my friends, or exploring the wilderness around Bloomington.

In a brief sense, that's my life as a student. At IU my focus is on academics and personal enrichment; I'm not interested in sports, nor am I a part of Greek Life, but even people like me can find a place as a proud IU student.

Tl;dr - IU rox, I love everything, and here's a picture of my cat, Whiskers, who currently lives with my mom back in Chicago. <3 <3 <3

meow! :3

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