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Let me just say, good thing these aren't video blogs because I have no voice today. Last night was the Indiana-Michigan State game. I had Section 1, Row 1...on the court...with the camera men...and the cheerleaders...and the teams....I know you're jealous :). But seriously, Indiana Basketball is one of the most fun things I have EVER experienced. I would totally recommend getting season tickets with a group of your friends. Even the games where I had balcony seating were amazing. The IU-Kentucky game was one of my best college memories. This is a picture of me and my best friend Allison after we rushed the court and were standing in the very middle!

Our smiles are way too big and we are so sweaty but it was such a defining moment in my IU career. But I have to add that men's basketball, although we are a talented team and their games draw the most fans, it isn't the only great sport at IU. Men's swimming, women's basketball, softball, baseball, track, women's diving, even football (and the rest I'm not naming because I forgot) are all great sports to cheer on down here! You can join the Crimson Club where they give you free stuff for going to all the different kinds of sporting events. We have so many different teams that going to all of their games is impossible but I would encourage you to go to at least one of every sport. My personal favorite is soccer because a) I love soccer and b) all the guys on the team are 10's. You'll start to see when you get here that being a Hoosier isn't just about cheering for your favorite sport. It's about supporting all the Hoosiers when they're out there giving it all they got! I also have to add the Big Ten is the best conference in the nation!


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