First Things First

All great journeys have a beginning. So, I guess I should start with how I go to this AMAZING place we know as B-town!

1) The Application- I was in-state so my application did not take long at all. It just made me fill out my academic career (classes, grades, and extra-curriculars), where I'm from, and how much money my parents make. MAKE SURE to be really honest about that because a) it's confidential and b) it decides how much financial aide you get! 

2) Scholarships- Fill out your SAS (Selective Scholarship Application)! I can't even use WORDS about how important this is. I wrote three essays and it hooked me up with this AWESOME scholarship called Hudson and Holland Scholars which is for minorities (look into it!). They offer me academic guidance, practice graduate school exams, counseling, great events and fairs to attend, and so much more. And, obviously, they give me money to be here!

3) The Housing Application- oh no....the dreaded housing application! Where's the best place to eat? Where are all the best parties? Where are the cutest guys? Do I want to be in a living learning center? blah blah blah RELAX! Take a deep breath and answer all the questions you have using plain old reliable research. Use the websites the living centers have to learn more about where it is, what it offers, and the kind of people that usually live there. It can help you paint a better, more accurate picture of what kind of place it is. 

4) Should you live with your best friend from kindergarten? Honestly, I didn't. I wanted to meet new people and do something different. I went random and she's my new best friend. Sometimes your best friend doesn't make the best person to live with. Think about it: if you act like family, you're gonna fight like family. 

5) College visits- The most important part about the beginning of anything is to keep an open mind. Be open to change and doing things differently than you're used to. Ask all the wrong questions until you finally find the answer you've been looking for. Walk around, introduce yourself, pick up random pamphlets, and get affiliated with organizations on campus early. 

After my first step on campus, I knew Bloomington was the place for me. It had everything I loved: theater, Big Ten sports, great food, cute guys, world renowned academics, and mostly, lots and lots of people. Not to mention walking through the beautiful campus IMMEDIATELY puts me in a better mood. Be open to coming down to Bloomington and don't be scared! Everyone has to start somewhere.

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