Hey There!

Oh hey! Didn't see you there over the top of my gigantic laptop screen, textbooks, and empty Rockstar cans all over the place. Twenty years old, majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Junior standing - I can safely declare myself a slave to Kelley School of Business.

And I love it.
Countless business plans, never ending team projects, numerous case studies...and in return I get to dress up and play grown-up and talk to employers who just "can't wait to have me on board!" Considering that I fully intend to make bank after graduation, I think that's a fair trade for my caffeine expenses and frequent all-nighters. Plus I do enjoy repping the Kelley swag every once in a while.
In my free time, I engage in typical Hoosier activities, such as watching Indiana basketball dominate over other schools and singing "This Is Indiana" at the top of my lungs. Pretty standard. I also give campus tours and presentations to prospective students and their families. I mean the world must know the awesomeness of Indiana University. Am I right or am I right?
Well I suppose this little blurb gives you a brief idea of my life as a busy business student and an ardent Hoosier. Stay tuned for more IU frenzy and enjoy!
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