3 Reasons Why its OKAY to Come to IU Without a Concrete Plan

As easy as it would be to graduate high school and jump right into a perfectly mapped out four-year plan, it doesn't happen for everyone. In fact, it rarely happens at all. Although discovering what you want to do is a major stress for many freshmen, I'm here to tell you that its OKAY to come to IU without a plan, as long as you're motivated. 

1. College is your time to EXPLORE

Looking back, I can't imagine coming to college with a major other than "exploratory."  I remember leaving my orientation and reading over lists and lists of all of the majors IU offers and thinking to myself, "I really don't know..."  Freshman year is meant for students to explore interests and try new experiences. No one should feel pressured to know exactly what he/she wants to do for the next 40 years without first testing the waters.

Luckily, IU makes this easy to do. The University Division advisors and website help with exploring different majors as well as methods in planning and organizing interests. My advice: slow down and enjoy your four years. You have these years at the most amazing university, you'll want to take advantage of the courses and experiences it is offering. Plus, when else will you be able to take courses like Ice Climbing and Bowling for credit towards your GPA? Have fun with your time here.

2. Changing your major is OKAY

From my personal experience, changing your major or minor is not the end of the world. Trust me, its much better to switch into a major late in the game, than spend your time at IU hating your classes and wishing you had done something else. Even if you switch, the classes you previously took weren't for nothing. You'll most likely need those credits for your new major anyway. If you want to spend your life loving what you do, find what that is, even if it means flip flopping or switching your majors and minors. Tons of people, including myself, have done it and we're okay... I promise!

3. Your plan will DEVELOP over time

Don't feel rushed. If you are motivated and open to try new things you will find out what you want to do. Tons of current students still don't know exactly what they're going to do after graduation, and in my opinion, that's okay. We're young, and making a plan this important takes time!

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About The Author
Brooke MiersMicrobiology Major, Cox Legacy Scholar

I am currently working towards a B.S. in Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. I am hoping to attend graduate school after my graduation in 2015, but I'm not too sure on the particulars yet! I am a part of the Cox Scholar Program at IU, as a Legacy Scholar, as well as a student blogger for WeAreIU. I am also working as a lab assistant and part-time researcher in the Kao Laboratory in Simon Hall. Other than that I'm involved with Reach Out Volunteers, as I plan and fundraise for my South African volunteer trip this summer (beyond excited), and with Camp Rainbear, a camp designed to help children/families directly affected by HIV.

I look forward to sharing some of the wonderful experiences I've had at IU so far, as well as those to come!