The 5 Best Things about being a Freshman at IU

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is all settled in and is off to a good start for the semester! I am living in on campus apartments this year in Union Street and they are amazing. My roommmates and I are learning how to cook, clean and truly fend for ourselves in our own place. With that being said, being back on campus is reminding me of all the memories I had last year as a freshman. That got me thinking about all the things you get to do as a freshman and all the opportunities you have being the newbies on campus. So, here are the things I remember the most about starting campus life in Bloomington. 

1. Explore the campus, go somewhere you haven't gone before!

My friends and I ran all over campus during Welcome Week last year. We went into buildings (Jordan Hall was especially interesting, they have a bunch of sciency stuff in there), into the Beck Chapel, and took some pictures with the good old Hoagie Carmichael statue. Take the opportunity to do this while it is so beautiful outside!

2. Go to your first football game and tailgate! (And then a basketball game in the winter.)

Experience the hysteria that is an IU football tailgate. Go to the game and sing the fight song beside your fellow Hoosiers and cheer on the team. You will make memories that will last a lifetime, and it is the best time to really feel prideful about being a new Hoosier! And don't get me started on the basketball team... I'll get to that more later.

3. Go see your first show at the IU Auditorium. 

I will be the first to tell you that the shows at the auditorium are absolutely amazing. The first show I saw last year was Shrek, and it was one of the coolest productions I have ever seen. There really  is something for everyone, but I am clealry biased to the musicals that come through. These are my programs from last year... yes, I saw 6 of the shows. They are that fantastic.

4. You can join the Greek community. 

Going through formal recruitment in the winter last year was the best decision I have made so far while at IU. I love my sisters and my sorority more than anything, and they are honestly what got me through the second half of my freshman year. The entire process is beyond worth it in the end, and we have one of the strongest Greek communities of any university I have seen. As a freshman, you have the opportunity to join a sorority or a fraternity! Look into it!

5. Meet new people... just by being yourself!

Put yourself out there right off the bat first semester and you will make friends you will keep for a lifetime! Talk to the people on your dorm floor, the person who sits next to you in finite... you never know who you might meet! Join an organization that gives you a community of people you can be with. I started attending CRU ( and it gave me a Christian community that love me for me. I met some of my best friends through it!

I hope you all are adjusting to your new home! Freshman year is going to be awesome!!!!

ALSO, come out to the student involvement fair on Wednesday, August 29th in Dunn Meadow and visit the We Are IU booth!! I'll be there at different points through out the day! Come talk to us and learn more about what it means to be a student blogger!!!!

About The Author
Brooke MankinSpeech-Language Pathology major, Class of 2015

I am a Speech-Language Pathology major with a Psychology minor and Folklore/Ethnomusicology minor in the Class of 2015. On campus, I am an active member of my sorority, a member of the Indiana Hoosierettes pom and dance team, and a member of Hoosier Tap Company, a new tap dance group on campus. I also teach tap dance at Windfall Dancers here in Bloomington. I love musicals, all things Disney, and writing!