On Campus vs. Off Campus Housing- A Hoosier Dilemma

Hey everybody!

It has been a super long time since I have written a blog. Things here have kept me so busy! Junior year has been off to a great start.

This year, I moved into an apartment off campus. I lived on campus my first two years, first in Teter and then in Union Street Center Apartments. Everyone always asks me the question: do you like living on campus or off campus more? And to be honest, I can't really say. There are pros and cons to both. With the decision of where to live next year is already on everyone's radar (crazy I know) with new leases being signed, I decided to share some of this with all of you!

On Campus Pros: 

1. You can always walk to class. 

This convenience of being steps away from class is what I miss most with being on campus. You don't have to use busses for the most part, and the library is within walking distance. You're right in the middle of your academics which makes it easier to study and stay focused. 

2. Meal Plans

If you want to keep eating in the food courts and buying from the C-store, then staying on campus might be right for you. You don't have to worry about groceries and all the money you spend is right on your ID card. 

3. No Rent/Utilities to pay

Living in Union Street Center gave me the opportunity to transition from a dorm to an apartment without having to pay for rent or utilities, or really having to act like a grown up at all in my living situation. Everything is paid for through bursar, and was a little bit out of sight out of mind for me when that is all paid for at the beginning of the semester. 

On Campus Cons:

1. You can't get away from the business of campus.

It was a little overwhelming at times to come back from class and still feel like I am in the exact same environment I was just in for class. I needed some time to recooperate and get away, and I could only go so far when my apartment is in the middle of campus.

2. Getting anywhere off campus is time consuming.

I had my car on campus and I rarely went anywhere except to buy groceris because it took forever to get out of campus and get anywhere. My car was parked too far away from where I was and it took too much time out of my day to get to my car, get out of campus, and go somewhere just for the fun of it.

Off Campus Pros:

1. It feels like home.

Now that I am in more of a home environment, it is easier for me to relax. When I actually go back to my hometown, I miss my apartment here. I don't feel like I need to get away, because this is away from all of the hustle and bustle or everyday life at IU.

2. I have so much space.

I have so much space in my room, family room, and kitchen. I can actually make real meals now because I have the space to do so. It is an amazing difference from a dorm to this.

3. Free parking.

This can differ from place to place, but my complex offers free parking and I can park right outside my door. This makes things like grocery shopping so much easier with having my car right in front of me. This makes it so easy to go places too.

Off Campus Cons: 

1. Bus to and from class.

This also differs depending on your location, but if you're far enough away you are going to have to bus to class. I based where I chose to live off of how far away it was from the stadium, because I knew it would be easy to walk there and take a bus to and from there everyday. Some apartments have a bus that comes straight to their complex. 

2. Easy to get distracted. 

It is much harder to focus on school work when you have a big comfy couch you want to sit on and so much to do around you in Bloomington that you haven't done before. The library isn't around the corner anymore, so it takes a little more effort to get there.

I hope this helps you all with your housing decisions! Really you can't go wrong, at the end of the day you have a nice place to live and get to go to a great school with so much to see and do. Go Hoosiers!


About The Author
Brooke MankinSpeech-Language Pathology major, Class of 2015

I am a Speech-Language Pathology major with a Psychology minor and Folklore/Ethnomusicology minor in the Class of 2015. On campus, I am an active member of my sorority, a member of the Indiana Hoosierettes pom and dance team, and a member of Hoosier Tap Company, a new tap dance group on campus. I also teach tap dance at Windfall Dancers here in Bloomington. I love musicals, all things Disney, and writing!