Finals...To Study Or Not To Study.

Hope everyone had an amazing Little 5! Here's a picture from last week with me and my sorority sisters. 

Something occurred to me last week. It was the Little 500, which is amazing to the say the least. I made the most amazing memories with my sorority sisters and we had a blast. They aren't kidding when they say this is the world's greatest college weekend. But it seemed to have also turned into the greatest college week as well. Balancing all the fun with my schoolwork was a challenge, but none the less totally doable and worth it. 

The semester is coming to an end, which means one thing: finals. I personally have some pretty bad test anxiety, and just mentioning finals week sends me into a small panic. Keeping focused on school, especially after Little 5, will no doubt help you a great deal for when finals roll around. But, no worries, I have finally come up with some tips on how to handle the dreaded last week of the year. :)

1. Make a to-do list. 

I know people have mixed emotions about this, but I have learned that making a list in order of priority can help you organize your thoughts and your plan of action. Don't let the list overwhelm you, but use it as a guide to help you know what comes next. If your finite test is more important than your yoga final, then you should probably put finite at the top of your to do list. Worry about the subjects with less priority later. 

2. Take breaks. 

Studying for an entire 24 hours non stop probably isn't going to get you anywhere. You probably won't retain the information and you'll be irritable and incredibly bored. Take short breaks, take a walk outside, and start again. Just don't let your break turn into a three hour distraction. 

3. Use a study buddy. (Choose wisely.)

Some of my most productive studying has come from using a buddy who knows different information about the material than I do. On the other hand, some of my most distracted and unhelpful study sessions have happened with a friend. Pick someone you know you can stay focused with and will help you understand the material, not one that will want to do everything but study. And trust me, this always makes studying more fun. :)

4. Hide electronics while you study. (Ridiculous, I know, but it helps.)

Unless you absolutely need your computer for studying, don't have it open. You will turn to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking site faster than you think. Put your phone in a drawer and say you won't even pull it out for an hour. It will be one less distraction, and getting it back out also serves as a reward for studying. Study for one hour, get a few minutes of Facebook or texting. 

5. Know how important the final is to your grade!!!

I don't know how many times I have studied for a final exam to only find out the entire class is based on a total point system where the final isn't anymore weighted than anything else I did that semester. And vice versa, knowing that the final you are studying for 50% of your grade might just make you study a little harder. 

College classes can be an adjustment, especially freshman year. It may be a tad bit harder than high school, but think of how worth it it all will be when you have a successful career! When your GPA is fantastic your senior year, you will be so glad you worked hard over these four years! :) Good luck!


About The Author
Brooke MankinSpeech-Language Pathology major, Class of 2015

I am a Speech-Language Pathology major with a Psychology minor and Folklore/Ethnomusicology minor in the Class of 2015. On campus, I am an active member of my sorority, a member of the Indiana Hoosierettes pom and dance team, and a member of Hoosier Tap Company, a new tap dance group on campus. I also teach tap dance at Windfall Dancers here in Bloomington. I love musicals, all things Disney, and writing!