Dear Sophomores of IU, Here Are 10 Things That You All Should Know

This is a picture of my roommate I have had since Freshman year, and I, during our Sophomore year. It's so awesome to see how we've grown together! 

One of my most popular blogs was almost identical to this one, but was directed at freshman. I am now half way done with my junior year (which is crazy) and I think it is time to address all your sophomores out there.

I think a lot of the advice for college goes to the adjusting freshman... but what do you need to know when you're a sophomore? In limbo between a newbie and an upper classmen? Well here ya go!

1. Don't get too comfortable. Expect the unexpected.

You start to feel like you really know your way around college once you're a sophomore. You've got everything figured out, right? Well don't let yourself get too comfortable! You never know what new adventures lie around the corner, and if you let yourself get too comfortable in what you are doing, you might miss a great adventure.

2. Go exploring around Bloomington. 

Now that you have campus under your belt, go explore the city of Bloomington. There are so many cool little places you can go to that are off campus. There are so many place you haven't been yet and haven't seen! Think of the possibilities! (I highly recommend going downtown on the square.)

3. Your decisions as a freshman don't (have to) define your next 3 years. 

You can change your major. You can add a minor, or even a second minor. You can join a different club. Don't let your gut decisions you made last year make you feel stuck, you can always try new things!

4. You're allowed to make mistakes.

This coincides with the point above. That terrible class you hated? It's ok. You can choose something else to take that you like better, and are better at! You're not going to have a perfect 4 years. Work hard and do the best you can.

5. There are still more friends to be made.

So you made lots of awesome new friends on your dorm floor, in your class... that's great! But don't forget to make some more! There are tens of thousands of people on this campus from all over the US, and even the world. Meet them. 

6. It's ok to still miss your parents... and ask them for advice if you need it.

We get so well adjusted after freshman year that sometimes we forget that our parents and our family members are our greatest cheerleaders and allies. And sometimes they give you just the advice you need. You can still call them when you need them, or just to say hey!

7. Make time for yourself to relax. 

College gets stressful, especially once you get into your major classes. You won't do as well if you're always worked up and unhappy. Breathe. Relax. Get your nails done or go to the gym. You'll be glad you did.

8. It's ok to say no.

This is so important to remember. If you're friends want to go out and you want to study, say no. If you don't have time to go to the mall, don't go. If taking on the extra responsibility for your club will send you over the edge, delegate it to someone else. Always remember that you're here for school!

9. Pace yourself.

You (typically) don't have to take 18 credit hours every semester. If you can afford a more low stress semester, do it! Talk to your advisor and plan your 4 years all the way out. It might save you from one terrible semester that could be spread out over your senior semesters. 

10. Remember why you chose to be a Hoosier.

Never lose sight of why you fell in love with IU. Remember when you visited in high school and thought the Union was the coolest thing you'd ever seen? It's still awesome. Spend some time there. Take advantage of the campus. Never forget why you chose to go here, and how much fun it is to attend the greatest university ever.

Stay tuned, I might just have some advice for the juniors down the road (once I'm done with it, that is...)

Everyone enjoy your winter break! Happy Holidays!


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