Dear Future Freshmen of IU, Here Are The 10 Things That You All Should Know.

This is a picture of my roommate and I during Welcome Week at the beginning of Freshman year. It feels like it was just yesterday...

As my Freshman year is coming to a close, I have been thinking about what I would do if I had the chance to do it all over again... And the real answer is that I wouldn't change a thing! This year flew by, and as I look back on it, I have been considering some advice I would like to give to all of the future freshmen following in my footsteps very soon. Here are the 10 things that you all should know. 

10. You will miss your mom.

No matter how much you want to get away from home, or how much fun you think it will be to be living on your own with no parents, you will miss your family. College is a huge adjustment, and living on your own is just one of the many areas of your life that is going to be different. When you're feeling lonely that first semester, give your mom a call. I promise that she misses you just as much as you miss her, and your parents/ family will want to know everything that is going on with you! And know that it gets easier!

9. Invest in rain gear. 

This might be my best piece of advice. Boys, I'm not telling ya to invest in pink polka dot rain boots or anything here (although I would highly recommend a pair for girls); you will be so happy you have an umbrella and raincoat at hand when you have to make the walk from Briscoe to Swain West. 

8. Keep in touch with your high school friends, but don't be afraid to make new ones. 

I fortunately came to school with tons of kids who came from my high school, along with some of my best friends. I have other close friends at many other colleges, too, and one of my biggest concerns was keeping in touch with everyone, both here and other places. This is great, and will really keep you grounded while here at school, you always need to have those friends you consider family to talk to. But don't let that keep you from branching out and making new ones! You will be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to make friends in your classes, on your dorm floor, etc. 

7. Know how to clean/do your laundry/make food (at least a PB&J).

This one might coincide with number 8 a little bit, but knowing how to do these before you come to college will help your adjustment a great deal. Laundry here is made super easy with washers and dryers in the basement of your dorm, just know how to separate your colors! (You don't want all your whites turning pink.) Know how to keep a room clean (your roomie will love you for it) and being able to make your own sandwich occasionally will come in handy on days with a quick turn around. 

6. Don't be afraid of difficult classes (or any classes, for that matter.)

Never underestimate your abilities! Just because you were bad at physics in high school doesn't mean you can't handle it here. The professors are extremely helpful, and there are so many people here wanting to help you succeed! Don't avoid classes that may seem difficult, because I promise you will do just fine if you work hard and use your resources.

5. You're dorm floor might be coed. 

This came as quite the shock to me when arriving here. I grew up with one sister, so this was a whole new territory for me. But, surprisingly, I have loved every minute of living on a coed floor. My boys are neighbors, and they are my favorite people ever! (And they come in handy when it comes to finite math help.) Yeah, they might be a little louder, messier, and crazier, but they make for great floor mates!

4. Don't forget to keep doing the things you love. 

College can be stressful, but continuing to do the things you're passionate about will keep you focused and happy when things get stressful! I have danced my entire life, and I am taking advanced tap dance this semester with my best friend just for fun! If sports is what you love, go to the SRSC or find a work out buddy! IU always has something fun for you to be a part of and stay active in.

3. Stick to a regular sleeping pattern (or at least try to).

So you hear about all those typical college all nighters or weekdays where you're out until 2 am. This might seem like a good idea to begin with (and sometimes it is worth it) but keeping a steady sleeping schedule will make you feel SO much better during the school week! Start studying for that exam early to avoid procrastination! 

2. Keep everything in a long term perspective. 

There are worse things than losing your dorm key (unless it's your third time) or failing that one quiz. Ten years from now, you won't remember any of that! Keeping everything in perspective will make college so much more enjoyable. Study hard, but know that the world isn't over when you fail. It gives you room for improvement! 

1. Be proud that you're a Hoosier. 

That is the one thing that makes me love IU so much. I get to live and learn on a beautiful Big Ten campus, and I am so proud that I can call myself a Hoosier. College admissions these days can be tough, but you made it! IU wants you to be here! Bloomington is now my second home, and my absolute favorite place to me. Feel so blessed that you have the opportunity to go to a university as amazing as this one! HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOSIERS!

You made the right decision to come here, future freshmen! Can't wait to see you all here on campus in the fall!


About The Author
Brooke MankinSpeech-Language Pathology major, Class of 2015

I am a Speech-Language Pathology major with a Psychology minor and Folklore/Ethnomusicology minor in the Class of 2015. On campus, I am an active member of my sorority, a member of the Indiana Hoosierettes pom and dance team, and a member of Hoosier Tap Company, a new tap dance group on campus. I also teach tap dance at Windfall Dancers here in Bloomington. I love musicals, all things Disney, and writing!