Searching for Jobs Post Graduation: An Exercise in Patience

Now that my time at IU is beginning to wind down (I'm done June 15th officially), it's now that time where I ramp up the intensity when it comes to the job hunt. For those of you who read my most recent post (Graduation: Now and the Future Beyond), I talked briefly about my impending job search. In this "sequel" post, I am going to expound a little further on my job searching to this point and the plans going forward.

Through my time at IU, I've had the good fortune in having had several great college internships and experience in broadcast media.  However, in a very competitive job market, jobs in on-air broadcasting (my area of specialty) are very hard to come by. So this whole job search has been a tremendous exercise in patience for me.

As I've said in the past and will say again, I have the tendency to be a very impatient person at times. I think that things should just happen right then and there rather than take up any length of time, so therefore when those things don't just happen, I lose my mind. I've slowly learned through this job search to reign myself in and just give things a chance.

That has been a bit hard to do, as one might imagine. Having sent out dozens and dozens of early applications already, it's been very frustrating to not hear back from quite a few of the people that I have sent my applications to. The greatest encouragement so far has been that people are keeping my applications and materials on file for future openings. So the silver lining is definitely there.

In the meantime, I continue broadcasting and hosting various programs on WFHB radio, such as last Tuesday night's Daily Local News (Daily Local News March 20, 2012). Great experience that gives me opportunity to get better at what I love doing.

I remain highly confident that my time will come and the last four years of hard work and experiences will pay off. And it's that confidence that is currently carrying me through this time.

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