Last Hurrah: Studying For My Last Round Of Final Exams

Well here we are....almost to the end of dead week. Which for me brings out a mix of emotions. The mixed emotions stem from one thing: It's the last time that I'll be taking regular semester finals as a college student (though I will likely have finals from my classes this summer too).

On the one hand, I am ecstatic that finals are going to mostly be a thing of the past for me (who wouldn't be?). But on the other hand, last round of finals is also equal to the clock ticking down on my college career. As I've mentioned on various other posts throughout my time of blogging on this site, time running out on my time in the college culture isn't something I'm necessarily happy about or am ready for.

My time at IU has been great and I am rather sad that my time as a college student is ending. However, I also have an eye to the future and the opportunities that lie ahead for me in the real world.

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