Bloomington: The Town I Love

This past Tuesday afternoon served as a wonderful reminder of how much I love Bloomington. What better way to end another Tuesday noon hour shift  at WFHB Community Radio than stopping over near Kirkwood Avenue for lunch? After picking up lunch at Qdoba, I took the time while walking back to my car to take in my surroundings. At 1:00 in the afternoon on this particular Tuesday, there was no better place than downtown Bloomington. The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky. It wasn't exactly warm (temperature in the 40's if I recall correctly), but having a sunny walk back to my car definitely was a spirit lifter that day.

Also, on the bright side that day was the many people out and about, either going to eat on Kirkwood or just walking about downtown. Although there seemed to be quite a few people out and about downtown at that time of day, I never felt overcrowded or like I was inside a subway car the way it does in so many other towns and cities across America. As an Indianapolis-area native, I can assure all of you out there that I avoided downtown Indy for most of my younger life. I've never been a big fan of being in big crowded areas and that was how Indy felt to me (especially on the weekends). Weekends in Bloomington are fairly crowded too, but very rarely in my time in Bloomington have I had to push through people every other step like I did back in Indy (Little 500 week would be about the only occasion coming to mind where that would apply).

Although I truly enjoyed my Qdoba lunch that day, I more enjoyed just walking briefly around Bloomington. This past Tuesday serving as another reminder as  to why it is truly the town I love.

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