About Me

Hi! I'm Bradford Raths and I am a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I am going to be graduating with a degree in Broadcast  Journalism with a Certificate in Informatics in August of this year. During my time at IU, I have had many unique opportunities to grow both as a broadcaster and as a person. From a broadcasting standpoint, I currently volunteer for WFHB Community Radio in Bloomington as an on-air host for EcoReport (WFHB's environmental affairs show), feature reporter for EcoReport, main sound board operator on Tuesdays during the lunch hour, and as a fill-in news anchor for the Daily Local News (WFHB's live weekday evening newscast).

Prior to my time at WFHB, I completed broadcast internships at WRTV-6 in Indianapolis, WTIU-TV in Bloomington, and Big Ten Network Student U in Bloomington. This vast wealth of experience is something that I will always treasure as I head out into the job field.

As far as the human side of things goes, my greatest growth as a human being has been during my time at Indiana University. I look forward to sharing all of my stories from the last four years of my life with all of you and hope that you enjoy reading the stories that I share!

-Bradford Raths

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