A Balancing Act: Broadcasting In College

Early on in my college career, broadcasting on the air seemed to be so far off into the future. The very first professional internship experience that I got while at WTIU was running the teleprompter. After doing this for two years, I began to wonder if my broadcasting career would ever take off.

Things changed at the end of my sophomore year with the hiring of a new news director at WTIU following my sophomore year. My new role would be student reporting intern, where I could finally produce TV packages and do what I loved to do most...broadcast.

My first story hit the airwaves in October of 2010. That day started the delicate balance between class work and broadcasting. I spent four hours that day cutting together my first story, a composite of the IU football team's Big Ten opener against Michigan.  I also had homework to do that day and I wound up getting that homework done on a little less time than I had usually spent. That day, I began to realize that my concept of time management just simply wasn't very good. This is the day where I began developing my time management skills, skills that are serving me well right here and now as a senior that is farther along into his broadcasting development.

Transitioning to Radio: Maintaining Balance

As I transitioned into radio broadcasting at WFHB, the process of development and preparation with every broadcast didn't change at all. However, these expanding duties resulted in some long nights early on spent working on homework that didn't get done during the days as I put all of the focus into broadcasting. I actually keep all of my broadcasts from my time at WFHB (Daily Local  News, EcoReport, features, and airchecks) on my iPod and in iTunes so that I can listen to them and improve my delivery on air. Thus, I was spending most of my time at WFHB rather than balancing it with my school work. Since these early days, I have gotten much better with my time management. Now, I start my practice sessions for the next show only after school work has been taken care of in full.

From the next broadcast to the next big paper/exam, one thing for certain: time management determines how successful I am at balancing these things, and ultimately, will determine my ability to both broadcast at a high level and take tests/write papers/do college homework at a high level.

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