Meet Brittany - IU Senior - The Long Winded Version

Yes, I did make that title sound like an American Girl book intentionally. What girl my age doesn't honeslty remember and love the American Girls?

I'm a 21-year-old Senior here at IU. I'm in the College of Arts and Sciences and have created my own major through the Individualized Major Program: Music Journalism. I chose IU my sophomore year of high school after attending Marching Hundred's Band Day and realizing I could never be an engineer because of my lack of math skills. Plus who honestly wants black and gold for school colors? 

My mom's side of the family bleeds IU Crimson. My great uncle is a Kelley grad and nearly all of my older cousins are IU grads. Choosing IU was a natural choice. My senior year AP English teacher told me that once I stepped on the campus, I would be able to tell if it was right; it would just feel like home. She was right, and the past three years of my life have been amazing here.

While here, I have been a member of the piccolo section of Marching Hundred and Big Red Basketball band. Both have given me a few of the greatest opportunities of my life. I have marched for the Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium multiple times, I marched pre-game of the 2012 Super Bowl, and with basketball band I traveled with the team to Portland and Atlanta for the 2012 NCAA tournament. I'll be there again this year. 

Since high school I had entertained the idea of joining a sorority. I passed on it freshman year because I was already struggling to balance classes (math and Italian, specifically) and Marching Hundred. On top of those struggles, my roommate situation was crumbling. Knowing my grades were going to be miserable, I decided not to go through recruitment. Sophomore year rolled around and though my GPA hadn't completely recovered, I had a better grasp on campus life and decided to rush. I lost my favorite house in the final round and decided to drop out of the process. The disappointment of losing the house I adored and the uneasiness of living in close quarters again chased me off. But a friend gave me the information for a new sorority that would be arriving in Fall 2011. One week after recruitment concluded, I emailed for information for the new sorority, which would turn out to be Theta Phi Alpha. In August I interviewed with the Traveling Consultants from Theta Phi Alpha and was extended a bid. After a long semester of work, Theta Phi was rechartered January 2012. I am intensely happy with my decision to join Theta Phi and IU's Greek community and I highly recommend it. (Alpha Sigma Alpha will be returning to campus this fall!)

And my final involvement at IU has been with Pizza X as the Intern Team Leader. Keep an eye out for the van-- I might be driving it!

So I know that was a novel and if you stuck with it to the end, you're amazing. I'll be back with tips for freshmen and tips for students living with more than one roommate for the first time later this week!

In Indiana University we trust,

Brittany Tempest

About The Author
Brittany TempestMusic Journalism Major, Theta Phi Alpha, IUDM DGR, Marching Hundred

I am an Indiana University senior pursuing a BA in Music Journalism through the Individualized Major Program.

I am active in Theta Phi Alpha, Marching Hundred and Big Red Basketball Band. I am also a Dancer Group Represetative for IUDM this year! I aspire to one day write for a music magazine (Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis, give me a call!) and live happily with a family.

I am a marketing intern for Pizza X, so if you see the van on campus, look for me! I also write for The Odyssey, Her Campus, and Uversity Life!

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and Red Bull (I have been known to buy Polar Pops and mix the two sometimes) and I am trying to learn to eat healthier, but I'm pretty rotten at it.

I enjoy writing about lessons I have learned the hard way. If you like what I writes, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!