Keep this Promise-- The Indiana Promise

My freshman year, I spent Monday-Friday from 9am to 9pm on the blue-lined Marching Hundred Practice field located in Assembly Hall's North parking lot. I missed almost the entirety of Welcome Week and only made it to things that happened after 9 pm that I wasn't too exhausted to go to. That being the case, I missed out on the freshman indiction ceremony and had to hear about it second hand. Despite this, I still read the Indiana Promise and took it to heart. It's a promise that is important in your life everyday, whether at IU, home, or your future job. 

The Indiana Promise States the following:

I promise that:

I will be ethical in my academic work.

I will take personal responsibility for what I say and what I do.

I will respect the dignity of others,

treating them with civility and understanding.

This promise is created to make you the best version of yourself. It's so important that you take it to heart. This promise asks you to be a good person, which is something we should all strive to be. It should inspire you to try your absolute hardest and to respect yourself and your fellow students.

To me, this promise is a guide to help me be better prepared for the real world. It's a guide to help me stay on the right path when cutting corners or being a little less polite than I should is easier than doing things the right way. To everyone, the Indiana Promise should be taken to heart, even if you giggle about it in front of your friends. Take its words to heart and work hard to be the best Hoosier you can be!

Ten days until classes! Good luck freshmen!

About The Author
Brittany TempestMusic Journalism Major, Theta Phi Alpha, IUDM DGR, Marching Hundred

I am an Indiana University senior pursuing a BA in Music Journalism through the Individualized Major Program.

I am active in Theta Phi Alpha, Marching Hundred and Big Red Basketball Band. I am also a Dancer Group Represetative for IUDM this year! I aspire to one day write for a music magazine (Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis, give me a call!) and live happily with a family.

I am a marketing intern for Pizza X, so if you see the van on campus, look for me! I also write for The Odyssey, Her Campus, and Uversity Life!

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and Red Bull (I have been known to buy Polar Pops and mix the two sometimes) and I am trying to learn to eat healthier, but I'm pretty rotten at it.

I enjoy writing about lessons I have learned the hard way. If you like what I writes, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest!