Hoosier Halloween

Halloween in Bloomington is amazing. Actually, the entirety of Fall is awesome in Bloomington, and Southern Indiana in general. Between Halloween, Haunted Houses, Pumpkin patches, and the amazing scenery, Fall is basically the best time ever to be here.

That being said, I have a handful of awesome ideas for you and your friends/significant other/family to do in and around Bloomington! I’m going to try to keep everything under a 45 minute commute, but there are a couple of things that are just too awesome to miss out on that might be a little further out than that. There are things to do other than partying, I promise!

Oliver Winery, Bloomington—I’m getting this out of the way early on, because it is my only “21 and up” option. The winery offers tours and tastings throughout the spring and summer too, but it’s best in the Fall for the above mentioned reasons. If you and your friends/significant other/family are all of age and looking for something classy and fun for your fall, check out a tour at Oliver Winery! It’s located just outside of Bloomington and their website is www.oliverwinery.com !

Fear Fair, Seymour—Consistently ranked amongst the best in Indiana, Fear Fair is a haunted house located in Freeman Field in Seymour, Indiana (about 45 minutes south, but easy to get to). Fear Fair is located inside of an airplane hangar and is MASSIVE. The line can get pretty intense, so even though it’s technically a rip off, I recommend buying a fastpass. They CAN and WILL grab you in this haunted house, and you WILL be separated by gender near the end. It is terrifying, stressful and exhausting. I absolutely love it. I love it enough to go back every year. This year, they’re offering an “extremely interactive event” called Myctophobia in which you navigate “in complete darkness” and may be “grabbed, restrained, and have your senses restricted”. You have to be 18 and sign a waiver, and there is a safe word to get out. I personally have never experienced that attraction, but if you’re into that kind of thing this is the best place to do it. They also added a new attraction called Hangar 17, which is also interactive, where you and your group attempt to escape without becoming an “infected” or zombie.         

Overall, the attraction can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to navigate through, depending on how brave your group leader is. I tend to get scared and just power walk as leader, so my groups generally go through pretty fast. I’ve been to dozens of haunted houses, and this remains my favorite. If you’re interested in going, check out fearfair.ticketleap.com to buy tickets in advance and www.fearfair.com for photos, videos, and basic info!

Freeman Family Farms, Monroe County—I can’t personally vouch for this farm, but it looks like your basic pumpkin patch, hayride, and bonfire farm from the website. Nothing is more fun than picking a pumpkin, chugging some apple cider, roasting marshmallows and riding on a hayride in the Fall! They also advertise a weed maze, which is a less intimidating version of a corn maze (they’re better for little kids and the claustrophobic friends you might have) and a petting zoo! This is a great idea for if your family comes to visit! If you’re interested in checking them out, visit their website at www.freemanfamilyfarms.net.

Hopefully these are three good enough ideas to get you started! Enjoy fall for all it’s worth! You’ve got two solid months of awesome weather and gorgeous scenery! 

Oh, and here's a gorey display to pump you up.

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