Dorm Daze at Indiana University

Moving into a dorm was an eye opener for me. I am one of two children, the oldest, and the only girl. I've never had to share anything, really, except the random game console or TV. Moving into a space that was the same size as my bedroom but home but meant for two people was stressful and hectic, especially in the first few weeks. My roommate and I were friends going in and she knew I was going to be busy, but what we didn't count on was my boyfriend of the time breaking up with me and a lot of struggles with a finite class for both of us. I was neat, she was less so. I brought my tv and wanted to watch it, we didn't like the same shows. She made best friends with the girls on the floor, I was busy during Welcome Week and didn't really get to know them, I liked it cold whe I slept, she preferred it hot. When it came to living with each other, it didn't work out. Our struggles were never resolved and after she made a few passive aggressive comments and tore my dry erase board from the door, I packed up my things and moved to Willkie to a triple with two other friends. Still to this day we don't speak. 

I can't help but feel like this could have been prevented. So here are the things I felt like I should have known before I moved in, and the things I wish I had done differently.

Get a feel for your roommate's habits.

Make sure you know ahead of time how clean your roommate is, their schedule, whether they like the room to be hot or cold, etc. Just knowing these things can help you avoid an awkward conflict.

Designate a lights out time.

That's not to say that reading lights aren't okay, but the over head lights should go out at a time you both agree on early on. Your roommate won't want to look silly by disregarding it and when you have a big exam the next day, you already know you'll be able to sleep.

Make time to hang out.

You're both going to be busy fidning new friends and new activities, but you need to make sure you're both still friends as well! Designate a movie night or something of the like and be sure to keep up with each other's lives. It's a lot easier to live with someone you're friends with!

Be patient.

It's hard to live with someone in a confined space if you aren't used to it. Make sure you understand each other and that before starting a passive agressive war or a screaming match, you try to talk it out. Hold you breath and count to five, walk into the stairwell and scream, or whatever it takes for you to hit the problem head-on without losing a friend.

Hopefully these short tips are broad enough that they help you. If you go into your new home with an open mind and a positive attitude, everything will go more smoothly!

About The Author
Brittany TempestMusic Journalism Major, Theta Phi Alpha, IUDM DGR, Marching Hundred

I am an Indiana University senior pursuing a BA in Music Journalism through the Individualized Major Program.

I am active in Theta Phi Alpha, Marching Hundred and Big Red Basketball Band. I am also a Dancer Group Represetative for IUDM this year! I aspire to one day write for a music magazine (Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis, give me a call!) and live happily with a family.

I am a marketing intern for Pizza X, so if you see the van on campus, look for me! I also write for The Odyssey, Her Campus, and Uversity Life!

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and Red Bull (I have been known to buy Polar Pops and mix the two sometimes) and I am trying to learn to eat healthier, but I'm pretty rotten at it.

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