Hello, my name is Anna

Hello, all. My name is Brianna Cooper, but please call me Anna. Before I start posting regularly, I wanted to write a bit about myself so you all can get to know me. 

I am currently a sophomore (class of 2017) at IU, pursuing kind of a lot of stuff. I'm working towards a Journalism major, a Telecommunications minor, an Interior Design second concentration, and a specialization in Magazine writing. What am I going to do with all of that? Ideally, work for a company like HGTV or something. I've always loved writing, and always said that I was going to be a writer when I grew up since the age of five. But when it comes to professions, however, my real passion lies in Interior Design and Graphic Design.

Enough about the boring stuff, though. Here's what makes me, me. I am a genuine nerd. I grew up with Harry Potter, and have never let go. In fact, plans are for my family to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando for a third time this summer. I'm a Slytherin, and Snape is my favorite character. I've been in choir for ten 10 years. Music means the world to me. I'm an alto. I just got into Doctor Who, and it is consuming all of my free time. I'm a huge klutz, probably the biggest one you will ever meet. Man, oh man, do I have many a story to tell of my failings throughout my life. If I had to use only two words to describe myself, though, they would definitely be "awkward nerd." But that's totally okay, because that's what makes life fun.

Anyway, this blog will not be about me. I am merely the writer, the face behind the screen. This blog is about you. You and how your experiences can be molded through what I've learned. This blog is about trying to make sure you choose the right college for you and make the best out of your time here. 

So there we have it. That's the obligatory "get to know me" post. I look forward to writing about all kinds of IU related posts for you guys to read: from Welcome Week, to Little 500. And since you guys know me now, I think it's okay for me to call you my friends. 

Until next time, friends!

About The Author
Brianna CooperJournalism Major

Hello, friends!
My name is Anna, and I'm in the class of 2017. I'm pursuing a major in Journalism, a second concentration in Interior Design, and two specializations in Journalism Design and Enterprise Journalism. I love writing; I've always loved writing and sharing my thoughts with others.

In addition to writing, my life is composed of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Taylor Swift, and singing. I've also recently discovered my sole purpose in life is to make others smile, usually unwillingly. I am one of the biggest klutzes you will meet.

I'm sure this blog will naturally be quirky, and awkward, and humorous. But that's not all it will be. Most importantly, it will be something that will hopefully help you all through senior year of high school all the way through the foreseeable future.