Indiana University - I'm Where I Belong

Holy Cow. I am going to begin my senior year at Indiana University in just a few short weeks. 

Where did the past three years go? It feels like only yesterday that I went on my college visit and stepped onto the most beautiful campus I had ever seen.

Now that I have experienced three-fourths of my undergraduate career and it is coming to a close, it's easy for me to get nostalgic. 

I pretty much always knew I was going to attend IU and study journalism. However, there was a part of me that was terrified I made the wrong decision. What if I hated it once I moved there? What if I felt alone? What if I ended up hating journalism? I'm not good at anything else. What if I wasted my parents money? Well let me tell you - I could not have made a better decision. 

Have you had that overwhelming feeling of belonging? That surge of deep attachment and love? That is exactly how I feel every time I set foot on campus. I KNOW I belong there. I KNOW Indiana University is where I am supposed to be. I have so much pride for my university. Sure, I did when I was a freshman. I got to brag that I was going to one of the best universities in the nation! But now, as a senior, I have an ever greater love and respect for it. Indiana University has become a part of me. It is my home. I look forward to the day when I purchase my alumni license plate frame. I can't wait to be a part of the Alumni Association. This is where I belong.

I hope everyone else who has chosen IU has the same passion I do. Whether you are an incoming freshman, a super sophomore, an experienced junior or a spectacular senior, I hope you realize what you have and what you are a part of. Together we are IU.

I look forward to writing about my experiences during my last year at IU and sharing what I've learned so far. I hope people will relate to, be inspired and learn something from each of my posts.

Let's get it started, Hoosiers!

(Me, during my freshman year!)

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Becca DuPontJournalism Major, Class of 2014

Hi! My name is Becca DuPont and I am currently a senior at Indiana University. I am a journalism major with specializations in public relations and news reporting and writing. I also have a second concentration in communication in culture. I am one of two Co-Directors of Programming for the IU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I love chilly fall weather, sitting down with a good book and college football. I'm a giraffe enthusist and a Starbucks obsessor.