6 Ways to Enjoy Every Second at IU

Your freshman year at Indiana University (the best university around) is about to begin. It's an exciting time! However, it's also an incredibly overwhelming time. How can you enjoy everything at once? What are the best ways to enjoy your time in Bloomington? Don't worry, I've got you covered with how to get started on enjoying every second.

1. Meet a BUNCH of new people.

Lots of you will have come to IU with friends from high school, and that's great! Being with someone you know the first few weeks away from home can make IU feel smaller and less scary. But don't make it a habit to JUST hang out with your best pals from home. Branch out and meet new people whether they are from your floor in your dorm or from your 8 AM class. You'll be amazed of how many different types of people you'll meet. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new lifelong friend!

2. Go to sporting events. 

And when I say sporting events, I mean a variety of sporting events. It's common knowledge that basketball is a big deal here, but don't just go to those games. Attend a football game (not just the tailgate). The Hoosiers are making a comeback, and that's something you'll want to be a part of. Go see the men's soccer team! They're National Champions and are sure to have an amazing season. Even go to events you wouldn't normally think of including volleyball, swimming and diving, rowing, water polo and field hockey! We have 22 different teams on campus. There's a sporting event for everyone to enjoy.

3. See a theatrical show.

IU has a lot to offer in the performing arts category. Every year, the Auditorium brings in traveling Broadway shows for students and the public to enjoy - and let me just say, they are FANTASTIC! This is definitely something you don't want to miss out on. IU also has the Musical Arts Center where Jacobs School of Music students put on ballets and operas throughout the year. This is a great way to see fellow students doing what they love as they strive to complete their degrees.

4. Get involved with a club or organization.

There are so many opportunities to get involved while you're at school. There is literally a club for everyone. There are professional organizations that are related to specific majors, clubs related to sports, ones that pertain to games or books. A great way to learn about what's best for you is at the Student Involvement Fair. Lots of organizations will get together in Dunn Meadow by the Indiana University Memorial Union and have tables with sign up sheets and information so you can sign up for a club or organization you like!

5. Volunteer in the community.

Part of enjoying your college experience is exploring the community where your university is located. Volunteering is a great way to do this. Bloomington has many locations in town that need volunteers including Hoosier Hills Food Bank and the Monroe County Humane Society. Be sure to ask your RA or others in your dorm about volunteer opportunities. Sometimes residence halls have specific organizations they work with!

6. Enjoy your studies.

I know. This may not see like a sparkly end to the list, but in reality, it is! The whole reason you have come to IU is to get a degree. To study something you enjoy. To start your life. It only makes sense to enjoy what you are learning. If you are active in your studies and actually enjoy what you are reading or writing, you will enjoy your college experience. I'm at the point in my collegiate career where I actually enjoy doing homework. Eventually, after all of the preliminary classes, you'll love it too.

This is in no way a complete list of how to enjoy your time at IU. There are many more things to do and enjoy. You just have to go out and explore the possibilities. 

About The Author
Becca DuPontJournalism Major, Class of 2014

Hi! My name is Becca DuPont and I am currently a senior at Indiana University. I am a journalism major with specializations in public relations and news reporting and writing. I also have a second concentration in communication in culture. I am one of two Co-Directors of Programming for the IU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I love chilly fall weather, sitting down with a good book and college football. I'm a giraffe enthusist and a Starbucks obsessor.