True Life: I'm obsessed with the Bistro

Every weekend morning I do the exact same thing. Wake up, comprehend whether to actually get up, text my 2 best friends if they want food, then the 3 of us walk from our Forest dorm to Read for "The Bistro". I don't think anybody actually calls it "El Bistro"...

I was trying to think what to write about this week and figured it was time publicly announced my favorite thing at IU. This particular love of mine cannot be taken lightly. It is an obsession that I think the world should finally know about. I cannot repress my love any longer! And that obsession is… Bistro sandwiches. 

Anybody who knows me would agree that I would never turn down a Bistro date offer, simply because I love their sandwiches so very much. 

They are perfectly toasted every time, have so many options and choices to choose from, and although a sandwich is not always the most timely meal option, these particular sandwiches are worth the wait.

I pretty much get the same sandwich every time. Sometimes I switch up the bread choice, or substitute lettuce for spinach, but I like to stay true to the perfection of the perfect sandwich. I’ll share my award winning Build-Your-Own creation with you all, mostly because I have a feeling it will change your life as much as it has changed mine.

I know, $6.75 for a sandwich could be pricey without wonderful meal points, especially single the 5 dollar footlong is a few blocks away, but I assure it is worth it.

The Perfect Sandwich: by Becca Green, a Bistro Sandwich Extraordinaire

-On a baguette, 2 pieces of turkey, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, olives, sprouts, and AVOCADO RANCH.

You then have a choice for a pickle or a pepper. If you have a nice rps worker assembling your sandwich, I suggest asking for 2 pickles. They are usually pretty measly and not nearly as wonderful as the jumbo pickles from Jimmy John’s…so you’ll need to ask for 2 to get the proper satisfaction.

Now, yes, a Bistro sandwich is a perfect meal, but if you don’t stay and eat it on the tables in front of the pastry window, it’s not the same.

I love the Bistro so much for many different reasons, one being that I literally run into everybody I know, at fortunate AND unfortunate times. I’m sure everyone who has ordered a sandwich has encountered the awkward moment when they are standing in the middle of the “sandwich waiting area”, eagerly awaiting for their number to be called, when the exact person you’d least like to see shows up. You’re then forced to have small chit chat while you’re secretly dying for your number to be called. FINALLY, you are relieved when you grab your sandwich. You have to give one last smile as you pass them once again to go get napkins, but the run-on is finally over. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. There is ALWAYS someone you will run into at the Bistro. Guaranteed. 

If I totaled the amount of hours I’ve spent sitting at the Bistro, it would be amazingly embarrassing. Many of my favorite moments at IU were created in that little place. Endlessly talking with my closest friends, discussing and dying of laughter about the night before, watching Friends episodes on TBS (because it seems that is the only show that ever plays in there), and purchasing multiple cookies from the nice man that always works the waffle register are joys that next year when I’m no longer living in Forest will miss dearly.

If you life in the awesome Northwest, I suggest taking a trip to Read and trying out The Bistro...

I didn't talk about ballet or anything really going on in my life this week. I'll soon update everyone on The Sleeping Beauty IU Ballet Theater is currently rehearsing for March 23, and 24! Here's a ballet video that I recently just stumbled upon, literally StumbleUponed. Enjoy!

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