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I cannot think about anything but Spring Break this week. Although I’m not going home to California for break, getting out of Bloomington is good enough for me. I have literally lived in a five-mile radius for the past three months. Because I don’t have a car here, I have been stuck between 14th/Walnut and College Mall since Christmas break. I think it’s safe to say, it’s time to get away.

Instead of going home, I am going to Canada to visit one of my best friends whom I haven’t seen in two years. I met Amy at Boston Ballet’s Summer Program in July 2010. The summer program lasted five weeks, but we’ve Skyped and stayed in contact regularly since then. I’m so excited to reunite after all this time, but all the stress of this week has been distracting.

Yesterday my iPhone 4 failed me. It decided to shut down, refuse to charge or reload, and leave me without contacts. I went to the ATT store hoping the experts could help me, but they said it was damaged goods. Great. I’m going out of the country on Saturday without a cell phone. That’s probably a bad idea. My first thought was I needed to call my parents and figure out something to do… oh wait.

In addition to my phone tragedy, rehearsals for the Sleeping Beauty are as busy as ever. We’ve had multiple guest teachers come set the choreography and help with the ballet’s preparation. Monday- Friday we’re in the studios working from 11:30-5:45. It’s going to be a great ballet and I encourage everyone to buy tickets online immediately. The Nutcracker was completely sold out by the day of the shows, so those of you who waited till last minute to get tickets should plan ahead. There are three shows, one on Friday March 23 and two on Saturday March 24. Here is the link to buy tickets!


I know I know, I’m pretty boring today. I’ll probably write again later in the week. Good luck on midterms everybody and have safe travels for Spring Break!


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