I'm Alive and Back in Btown! Spring Break and IU Ballet Theatre

I’m backkk! I was a little MIA for a while but I now finally have some free time on my hands to update people on what’s been going on. These last few weeks have been INSANITY. Let’s start off with spring break. I took a detour north in Toronto, Ontario to visit one of my best friends I haven’t seen for two years. I didn’t come back with a beautiful bronze tan like the rest of my sorority and all of the other Ft. Lauderdale goers, but I’m working on my color. I did however come back with Canadian knowledge and stereotypes that I can prove to be accurate.

Yes, Canadians really do say at the end of every sentence, “Ay?”. Maybe not every sentence. But enough to catch my attention and bother me that they were saying “Ay” so much. Now I know how Midwest people feel when I say “like” constantly.

Yes, Tim Hortons is better than Starbucks. And cheaper. They have an iced drink called Ice Caps, which is pretty much a frappuccino but it’s an iced cappuccino. It is delightful.

Yes, they call bathrooms ‘washrooms’. Weird.

Yes, they do love their beer.

And yes, they think all Americans are self centered and have no clue what is going on with the rest of the world.

All in all, I love Canada and had a wonderful Spring break. Now back to lovely Indiana.

The Monday I got back, tech week started for IU Ballet Theater’s Sleeping Beauty. Tech week starts the Monday before Friday’s opening night show and consists of blocking, rehearsals, and rehearsals with the orchestra. Pretty much the ballet dancers are locked up in the MAC from 11:30 -10 at night rehearsing over and over Sleeping Beauty. I think it’s safe to say tech week is the worst week of the year. Literally all of the dancers are delusional by the time Friday arrives. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. The whole department wears their IUBT T-shirts, so we look like a cult when we go to the Hoosier Café for a snack after rehearsal. So whenever you see people with buns, v necks, and ridiculous nicknames on the back of their shirts… that’s us! But by Friday at 8, the show is here and everyone channels their performance energy.

My parents came to see me in the Sleeping Beauty, and I was so excited to see them. A trip from California just for the weekend is difficult, but every out of state kid deserves to see their parents at least once a semester right?

The show was fantastic. Now that things are finally slowing down, I can prepare for the next college endeavor. LITTLE 500. Since I’m a freshman, this is my first encounter with the infamous Lil 5. I don’t even know what to expect. Chaos probably.

I’ll post more things this week, in the meantime... follow my twitter! @green_becca

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