Becca Green?

I've decided my very first post should be about who I am and why I have a blog dedicated to myself. For starters, my name is Becca Green, to my dad I'm Rebecca. I'm from Bakersfield, California; (definitely not a true midwesterner) therefore, before coming to IU, I knew nothing about Indiana. For Out-Of-State students worried about climate change, I'm your gal to talk to. The most valuable brand name I discovered once coming here: Northface. 

I'm a ballet dancer, and finding good colleges with decent dance programs are hard to come by. Especially since there isn't any real ranking system online that tells you which dance programs are better than others. Anyways, as a high school Senior, I discovered Indiana had a fantastic ballet program through the Jacob's School of Music. The audition was here in Indiana, nerve racking, and overall intimidating. What audition isn't? Turns out I survived. Before I knew it I was sending my committment to Indiana and here I am. 

I absolutely love doing ballet at IU and hope with this blog I can share what my life in IU Ballet Theater really demands. I am a normal student with Gen Eds, football games, and sorority events to keep me busy. 

If I sound interesting enough, continue reading me and learn a little about the ballet dancer of Indiana University. 
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