A Sad Dormitory Bunk Bed Story

This story is dedicated to all the prospective little freshman about to make one of the most important and crucial decisions of their undergraduate college careers: Should you choose the top bunk or bottom bunk in your dorm room?

I have a story I’d like to share. Quite frankly, it is one of the most pathetic dormitory stories you may come across; however, I feel publicizing my tragedy is for the common good of the future freshman souls of IU. With that said, here we go..

On Thursday April 5th, I decided to stay in and study for my 8 am finite exam Friday morning. I was feeling proud of myself for getting to bed at a decent hour (before 1 am) and was somewhat confident about the exam in the morning. I didn’t anticipate having a nightmare or anything out of the norm occurring.

A few hours go by and little Becca is fast asleep in the bottom bunk of her Forest dorm bedroom. At 4:30 am, my dream starting drifting to nightmare status once a murderer came into play. In this nightmare, my dad told me to run and hide under my bed so the evil murderer guy wouldn’t kill me. The suspenseful music was playing in the background of my head.. I was legitimately scared. After probably one minute of dreaming, the murderer approached my bed and found me. Of course, he was going to kill me. So I had to do something. Something bold. Something brave. I kicked my leg as hard as I could at his stomach to push him away… which is when my nightmare switched to real life.

I actually kicked my left leg at the murderer, which was disguised as the top bunk of the bunk beds. My toe got caught on the metal hooks that are all intertwined with the metal springs of the top bunk and ripped my skin. In one dreaming instance, I was missing 3 layers of toe, and had a huge gash down the center. I woke up immediately and noticed my blood covered sheets and foot. My roommate surprisingly didn’t wake up, so I quickly grabbed my phone and headed for the bathroom down the hall. Only I could walk due to half the skin of my big toe missing, I crawled down the hallway. So embarrassing.

I reached and bathroom and by then was a mess. Blood everywhere, a good amount of pain, and was all alone. I called about everyone I knew in my contacts but nobody answered because after all, it was 4:30 in the morning. After about 25 minutes I finally got a hold of somebody who called the ambulance. It was quite dramatic and I was a balling mess. I send my apologies to my RA who had to see me in absolute panic mode. Long story short, I went to the health center in the morning and got all wrapped up. I’m now that girl heaving from exhaustion and hobbling around campus on crutches. It was the best Friday ever. Although I’m getting a great upper body workout now.

I’ll recover just fine. It’s been a few days and I already have my first layer of skin back. The biggest bummer is that I probably won’t be dancing or putting en pointe shoes anytime soon.

So yes. That is my sad little dorm story. I had a nightmare, kicked a bunk bed, and am now on crutches. My advice, choose the top bunk if you’re a restless sleeper. Sorry to end on a sad note! Little 5 is coming up and I can’t wait to share my observances and thoughts on the week long event!

Happy Little 5!

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